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numberpt – Counters spelled out in Portuguese

This packages defines commands to display counters spelled out in Portuguese.

The styles are

  • \numberpt for “all lowercase”
  • \Numberpt for “First word capitalized”
  • \NumberPt for “All Capitalized”

For example, \renewcommand{\thechapter}{\NumberPt{chapter}} makes chapter titles to be rendered as “Capítulo Um”, “Capítulo Dois” etc.

Options are offered to select variations in the spelling of “14”, or Brazilian vs. European Portuguese forms in the spelling of “16”, “17”, and “19”.

The package requires expl3 and xparse.

Version1.0 2019-07-13
Copyright2019 Miguel V. S. Frasson
MaintainerMiguel Vinícius Santini Frasson

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