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ze­bra-good­ies – A col­lec­tion of handy macros for pa­per writ­ing

This pack­age of­fers a col­lec­tion of macros to help in the pro­cess of writ­ing a pa­per. You may add com­ments, todo notes, etc. dur­ing re­vi­sion, in a colour­ful way. The pack­age also sum­ma­rizes the in­serted notes at the end of the doc­u­ment.

There are some pre­de­fined note com­mands as well as a way of defin­ing new ones to suit the user’s needs.

You may safely re­move this pack­age once the pa­per is fin­ished.

This pack­age de­pends on the fol­low­ing other pack­ages: kvop­tions, manfnt, margin­note, tikz­pagen­odes, xcolor, and, op­tion­ally, mi­crotype.

Note: “ze­bra” is the name of the pack­age au­thor’s lab.

Copy­right2016–2019 Ruini Xue
Main­tainerRuini Xue

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