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Open Publi­ca­tion Li­cense

v1.0, 8 June 1999


The Open Publi­ca­tion works may be re­pro­duced and dis­tributed in whole or in part, in any medium phys­i­cal or elec­tronic, pro­vided that the terms of this li­cense are ad­hered to, and that this li­cense or an in­cor­po­ra­tion of it by ref­er­ence (with any op­tions elected by the au­thor(s) and/or pub­lisher) is dis­played in the re­pro­duc­tion.

Proper form for an in­cor­po­ra­tion by ref­er­ence is as fol­lows:

Copy­right (c) <year> by <au­thor's name or de­signee>. This ma­te­rial may be dis­tributed only sub­ject to the terms and con­di­tions set forth in the Open Publi­ca­tion Li­cense, vX.Y or later (the lat­est ver­sion is presently avail­able at http://www.open­con­tent.org/open­pub/).

The ref­er­ence must be im­me­di­ately fol­lowed with any op­tions elected by the au­thor(s) and/or pub­lisher of the doc­u­ment (see sec­tion VI).

Com­mer­cial re­dis­tri­bu­tion of Open Publi­ca­tion-li­censed ma­te­rial is per­mit­ted.

Any pub­li­ca­tion in stan­dard (pa­per) book form shall re­quire the ci­ta­tion of the orig­i­nal pub­lisher and au­thor. The pub­lisher and au­thor's names shall ap­pear on all outer sur­faces of the book. On all outer sur­faces of the book the orig­i­nal pub­lisher's name shall be as large as the ti­tle of the work and cited as pos­ses­sive with re­spect to the ti­tle.


The copy­right to each Open Publi­ca­tion is owned by its au­thor(s) or de­signee.


The fol­low­ing li­cense terms ap­ply to all Open Publi­ca­tion works, un­less oth­er­wise ex­plic­itly stated in the doc­u­ment.

Mere ag­gre­ga­tion of Open Publi­ca­tion works or a por­tion of an Open Publi­ca­tion work with other works or pro­grams on the same me­dia shall not cause this li­cense to ap­ply to those other works. The ag­gre­gate work shall con­tain a no­tice spec­i­fy­ing the in­clu­sion of the Open Publi­ca­tion ma­te­rial and ap­pro­pri­ate copy­right no­tice.

SEVERABILITY. If any part of this li­cense is found to be un­en­force­able in any ju­ris­dic­tion, the re­main­ing por­tions of the li­cense re­main in force.

NO WARRANTY. Open Publi­ca­tion works are li­censed and pro­vided &ldqu;as is&lrquo; with­out war­ranty of any kind, ex­press or im­plied, in­clud­ing, but not lim­ited to, the im­plied war­ranties of mer­chantabil­ity and fit­ness for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose or a war­ranty of non-in­fringe­ment.


All mod­i­fied ver­sions of doc­u­ments cov­ered by this li­cense, in­clud­ing trans­la­tions, an­tholo­gies, com­pi­la­tions and par­tial doc­u­ments, must meet the fol­low­ing re­quire­ments:

  1. The mod­i­fied ver­sion must be la­beled as such.
  2. The per­son mak­ing the mod­i­fi­ca­tions must be iden­ti­fied and the mod­i­fi­ca­tions dated.
  3. Ac­knowl­edge­ment of the orig­i­nal au­thor and pub­lisher if ap­pli­ca­ble must be re­tained ac­cord­ing to nor­mal aca­demic ci­ta­tion prac­tices.
  4. The lo­ca­tion of the orig­i­nal un­mod­i­fied doc­u­ment must be iden­ti­fied.
  5. The orig­i­nal au­thor's (or au­thors') name(s) may not be used to as­sert or im­ply en­dorse­ment of the re­sult­ing doc­u­ment with­out the orig­i­nal au­thor's (or au­thors') per­mis­sion.


In ad­di­tion to the re­quire­ments of this li­cense, it is re­quested from and strongly rec­om­mended of re­dis­trib­u­tors that:

  1. If you are dis­tribut­ing Open Publi­ca­tion works on hard­copy or CD-ROM, you pro­vide email no­ti­fi­ca­tion to the au­thors of your in­tent to re­dis­tribute at least thirty days be­fore your manuscript or me­dia freeze, to give the au­thors time to pro­vide up­dated doc­u­ments. This no­ti­fi­ca­tion should de­scribe mod­i­fi­ca­tions, if any, made to the doc­u­ment.
  2. All sub­stan­tive mod­i­fi­ca­tions (in­clud­ing dele­tions) be ei­ther clearly marked up in the doc­u­ment or else de­scribed in an at­tach­ment to the doc­u­ment.
  3. Fi­nally, while it is not manda­tory un­der this li­cense, it is con­sid­ered good form to of­fer a free copy of any hard­copy and CD-ROM ex­pres­sion of an Open Publi­ca­tion-li­censed work to its au­thor(s).


The au­thor(s) and/or pub­lisher of an Open Publi­ca­tion-li­censed doc­u­ment may elect cer­tain op­tions by ap­pend­ing lan­guage to the ref­er­ence to or copy of the li­cense. Th­ese op­tions are con­sid­ered part of the li­cense in­stance and must be in­cluded with the li­cense (or its in­cor­po­ra­tion by ref­er­ence) in de­rived works.

A. To pro­hibit dis­tri­bu­tion of sub­stan­tively mod­i­fied ver­sions with­out the ex­plicit per­mis­sion of the au­thor(s). “Sub­stan­tive mod­i­fi­ca­tion” is de­fined as a change to the se­man­tic con­tent of the doc­u­ment, and ex­cludes mere changes in for­mat or ty­po­graph­i­cal cor­rec­tions.

To ac­com­plish this, add the phrase “Distri­bu­tion of sub­stan­tively mod­i­fied ver­sions of this doc­u­ment is pro­hib­ited with­out the ex­plicit per­mis­sion of the copy­right holder.” to the li­cense ref­er­ence or copy.

B. To pro­hibit any pub­li­ca­tion of this work or deriva­tive works in whole or in part in stan­dard (pa­per) book form for com­mer­cial pur­poses un­less prior per­mis­sion is ob­tained from the copy­right holder.

To ac­com­plish this, add the phrase “Distri­bu­tion of the work or deriva­tive of the work in any stan­dard (pa­per) book form is pro­hib­ited un­less prior per­mis­sion is ob­tained from the copy­right holder.“ to the li­cense ref­er­ence or copy.




Attention Please check the soft­ware's li­cense be­fore us­ing the soft­ware.

There are cir­cum­stances that make this a non-free li­cense, that is, cir­cum­stances un­der which the ma­te­ri­als can­not be in­cluded in  Live. This is a free li­cense only if the au­thor does not ex­er­cise any of the “LICENSE OPTIONS” listed in Sec­tion VI of the li­cense. If ei­ther of the op­tions is in­voked then the li­cense be­comes non-free.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about this type of li­cense is avail­able from Open Con­tent.

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