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Persian-bib, V0.9			2015/05/09
Persian translations of some BibTeX styles
Author: Mahmood Amintoosi, http://profs.hsu.ac.ir/mamintoosi
Copyright � 2009�2016
It may be distributed and/or modified under the LaTeX Project Public License,
version 1.3c or higher (your choice). The latest version of
this license is at: http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt

This work is �author-maintained� (as per LPPL maintenance status)
by Mahmood Amintoosi

These files are Persian translations of some of the classical BibTeX style files. 
Unlike bib-fr package which can be used only for French references, the Persian 
.bst files simultaneously handle both Latin and Persian references. 

File 'cp1256fa.csf' is prepared for correct sorting of Persian references and 
three fields named 'LANGUAGE', 'TRANSLATOR' and 'AUTHORFA' are defined. This
file has a bit modification with respect to its previous version (0.6) according
to PersianAcademy:  http://www.persianacademy.ir

Setting 'LNAGUAGE' to 'Persian' makes the reference direction Left-to-Right and 
makes BibTeX to use Persian translations of keywords such as 'et al.'. 
Also some other modifications has been done. for example in Persian references, 
instead of Latin references, the book edition appears before the edition number. 
If this field is omitted or contains a word other than 'Persian', the reference 
considered as Left-to-Right reference.

'TRANSLATOR' field is used when a reference is translated by someone. 
His or her name appears in the reference in the proper location.

'AUTHORFA' is used with Asa-fa.bst, chicago-fa.bst and plainnat-fa.bst. 
The user should mention the Persian equivalent of the author(s) name(S), 
for proper referencing in the text. If this field is omitted, the original 
author name, in 'AUTHOR' will be used.

Currently  7 files unsrt-fa.bst, acm-fa.bst, ieeetr-fa.bst, plain-fa.bst,
Asa-fa.bst, chicago-fa.bst and plainnat-fa.bst are modified for Persian 
documents prepared with XePersian (a Persian typesetting package over XeTeX).
Hence this package is dependent to XePersian Package.

Current Persian bst files work fine with hyperref and natbib packages.

Persian translations of key-words such as 'et al.' can be changed with other 
If you modify anything, however, please change the name of the file.

Change Log:
Version 0.8 : two other styles 'plain-fa-inLTR' and 'plain-fa-inLTR-beamer' 
are added to the package. These styles are prepared for inserting Persian 
references in LTR documents which are dependent to bidi package.

Version 0.9: Debug plain*.bst styles: change "ed. " -> "edition", 
"vol" -> "volume" or "Volume, "p."->"page", "pp."->"pages" and some others.

Mahmood Amintoosi  <m.amintoosi@gmail.com>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (241.9k).

persian-bib – Persian translations of classic styles

Currently 9 files: acm-fa.bst, asa-fa.bst, chicago-fa.bst, ieeetr-fa.bst, plain-fa-inLTR-beamer.bst, plain-fa-inLTR.bst, plain-fa.bst, plainnat-fa.bst and unsrt-fa.bst are modified for Persian documents prepared with XePersian (which the present package depends on).

The Persian .bst files can simultaneously handle both Latin and Persian references.

A file cp1256fa.csf is provided for correct sorting of Persian references and three fields LANGUAGE, TRANSLATOR and AUTHORFA are defined.

Version0.9 2015-05-09
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
MaintainerMahmood Amintoosi
Contained inTeX Live as persian-bib
MiKTeX as persian-bib
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