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This is a TeX previewer for SunView. It works under V3.2 of Sun unix,
and under V3.0 with KEYBOARDSCROLL undefined in defs.h. It has not been
tested with any other versions or on any hardware other than my 3/160M.

The following files should be here:
	README		what you are reading
	Problems	various things that went wrong
	Makefile	the obvious thing
	defs.h		various #defines used everywhere
	globals.h	global variable and structure definitions
	commands.h	DVI format command defs
	sunstuff.c	The SunView parts of it
	dvistuff.c	The DVI file specific bits
	pkstuff.c	Routines for pk format fonts
	pxlstuff.c	Routines for pxl format fonts
	textool.l	a man page
	textool.icon The icon file

It has a fairly long history, see the note at the start of dvistuff.c
and the authors bit of the man page. This version opens its own window,
complete with scrollbars, menus etc. and does not use its parent window
for anything except debugging output.

It can be compiled to use either pxl or pk format font files.

Note that it was edited with tabs set to 4 rather than 8 spaces.


Check the Makefile for paths etc. and for which of pkstuff.o or pxlstuff.o
you want included.

Check defs.h, mainly for font file paths and MAXOPEN.

Check the note in the Problems file about frame_default_done_proc() and
edit your <suntool/frame.h> if necessary.

Make and then make install.

Please send comments, bugs etc. to:


Peter Ilieve
Memex Information Engines Ltd.
East Kilbride

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (85.0k).

textool – A SunOS DVI viewer

Display a DVI file in a SunView window; works with both PXL and PK fonts. (The program is a development of dvisun.)

Version 1990-10-02
MaintainerIlieve Ilieve
TopicsDVI preview
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