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		 GreeKTeX Ver 3.1 Distribution

		   	K J Dryllerakis
		   Logic Programming Group
		   Imperial College,London

What it is:
	GreekTeX is a complete package for typesetting greek
	(modern or ancient) texts within the framework of 
	plain TeX or LaTeX. It supplies a set of fonts based
	on the excellent ones originally developed by
	Sylvio Levi in the States and the modifications made
	thereafter by Haralambous in France. 
	The approach adopted is different from both the
	previous ones since it uses full 256 character fonts 
	and ligatures as the principal method of accenting
	or "breathing" letters. This makes the macros more
	robust and easier to use within TeX and LaTeX 

Note: Two different packages are included in this distribution. (Both
      based on the same set of fonts).
	* greektex : an extension of plain tex 
	* grlatex  : an extension of LaTeX for greek texts.

What it Includes:
	> a complete set of fonts (regular,bold,italic)
	> for working with plain tex a file to be included
	  which will import the macros and fonts needed
	  to add greek texts within your normal documents
	> for working with an extension of plain tex 
	  a set of macros allowing the usage of greek
	  within specific environments and hyphenation
	  patterns for the greek langugage. Choosing
	  to use this option will mean that you will develop
	  the formatting of your text by yourself.
	  (command greektex)
	> for working with  LaTeX a style option that allows
	  entering greek text within specific environments
	  (all standard latex command still work e.g. font
	  size changing). For typesetting texts mainly in
	  greek a new format file which combines the greek
	  enviroment with hyphenation patters and an optional
	  global greek mode.
	  (command grlatex)
	> A set of utilities that allow the conversion of extended
	  ASCII greek ISO character files to a format understandable
	  by grektex and grlatex. (filter as C-source or emTeX filter
	  table for use with texconv)

See the Installation Guide (file INSTALL) on how to install the
package (what else)!

Distribution Tree:

  Documentation On installation and usage, man pages for unix.
	grlatex.1		Man Pages for grLaTeX package
	install.tex		Installation Notes (plain TeX only)
	usage.tex		Usage Manual (plain TeX only)

  Basic Latex files for fomrat building and document styles.

	grart10.sty     grbk10.sty      grbook.sty      grkhyphen.tex
	grart12.sty     grbk11.sty      greek.sty       grmode.sty
	grarticle.sty   grbk12.sty      grfonts.tex     lgreek.tex

 Files for building greektex format and greek macros.

	greek.tex		Greek Format Definitions
	greektex.tex    	Greek Macros for plain TeX
	grkhyphen.tex		Greek Hyphenation Patterns

  MF source code for font building.

	kdaccent.mf     kddigits.mf     kdidigit.mf     kdpunct.mf   
	kdbase.mf       kdgr10.mf       kdilower.mf     kdsl10.mf
	kdbf10.mf       kdgr8.mf        kdlig.mf        kdti10.mf
	kdbf8.mf        kdgr9.mf        kdligcom.mf     kdtt10.mf
	kdbf9.mf        kdgreek.mf      kdlower.mf      kdupper.mf

	grlatex.bat		Batch file for grlatex
	greektex.bat		Batch file for greektex
	greek.asc		Map of ISO greek codes for use with
	greek.tcp		binary form of the previous file
	c_gralatex.bat		Batch file for ISO converted grlatex
	c_grtex.bat		Batch file for ISO converted greektex
	kdgreek.mfj		MFJob file for creating the kd fonts

	ascii2grtex.c		a unix C-filter for transforming
				ISO standard greek documents to
				greekTeX compatible form.

	greektex		shell script for greektex
	grlatex			shell script for grlatex
	newfont			shell script to create new fonts

Differnces from the Previous release
	* Fixed font bugs in ligatures and added some more characters
	  according to suggestions by J"org Knappen  (J"org, thanks for 
	  your comments and fixes)
	* Integrated Unix and Dos Release

Important Note:
	If you are building the greek extension of the LaTeX format
note that the old font coding scheme is used. The package -although it
will create a proper Format file- will not run properly under the 
Mittelbach convention for font loading. In order to check
which on you have see your lfonts.tex file! (To make sure that
you do not have to retrieve the standard lfonts.tex I have included in
the latex directory -- please note the copyright notices for this file).

Hope you enjoy the package. Please send any comments or bug reports
to kd@doc.ic.ac.uk

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (179.9k).

kdgreek – Greek fonts and macros

The fonts are distributed as source; the design derives from Silvio Levy’s fonts, but has also been influenced by Yannis Haralambous’ work. They are 8-bit fonts which, the author believes, leads to more robust macro programming. Both ancient and modern Greek are supported.

Macros to work with Plain (‘greektex’) and with 2.09 (‘grlatex’) are provided.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1991–1992 K J Dryllerakis
MaintainerK J Dryllerakis
Contained inMiKTeX as kdgreek
TopicsMF Font
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