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this is the announcement for the Metafont version of the Klingon font.
It will follow in the next two messages. Save them into a file and
unpack them by running them through the bourne shell. Then you will get
two files called "klinz.mf" and "kligs.mf". You then should run
  mf "\mode:=localfont;" input klinz
  gftopk klinz.*gf 

(or for MS-DOS, where xxx is a number (300 for example for normal 
  mf "\mode:=localfont;" input klinz
  gftopk klinz.xxx klinz.pk

Copy the now existing klinz.tfm and klinz.*pk to a place TeX knows 
about (ask your local TeXnician, if you're not certain) and your ready
to go.
(Metafont is a font description language used for the TeX-fonts, so if
you're not familiar with it, go get it, it's great!  But before asking
me, where you can do so, read comp.text.tex --- there you will find all
the answers.)

Over the past weeks I spent my evenings defining the characters and
testing them.  It has a full set of upper and lower case characters (in
some sort of small capitals) plus numerals plus some additional
characters (punctuation, etc) designed by a colleague of mine.  The
character @ represents the Klingon imperial symbol.

You may freely distribute this font under the limitations that you leave
the commentary part at the beginning of each file intact (including the
copyright notice) and that you send me any changes you made, so that I
can continue improving the font.  (This font is far from being perfect,
so any comment is welcome.)

                     Khoros sutai-Makpai 
                     c/o Karl Guenter Wuensch
                     (this account is shared with Micaela "Stayka" Pantke,
                     so don't be alarmed if the mailer inserts her address)

		     May your dishes always be served alive...

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (16.9k).

klinz – A Klingon font

Offers a full set of upper case and small caps letters, together with numbers and some punctuation. The font is distributed in format.

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Copyright1993 Karl Günter Wünsch
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