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Directory fonts/ljmetrics

This directory contains version 0.9 of the HP LaserJet built in font metrics.
They were derived directly from the metric information provided by HP in the
LaserJet IV Developers Kit.

In general, the name of a font metric file in this distribution has the


Where "xxx" is an abbreviation for the typeface, "99U" is the HP
symbol set of the metrics, and "yy" is the size of the font (this is only
specified for fixed-sized fonts).  Built in fonts must be selected by symbol
set, so VF files should be build to remap the characters.  The LJ4's
user-defined symbol set feature is not supported.

When HP released the LJ4 metrics, they included a set of LJ3 metrics that
where different from the LJ3 metrics distributed earlier.  The metrics used
in this release are from the files that HP suggests for LJ3 and LJ4 printers.
Note that LJ4 printers include all of the LJ3 fonts, so both sets must be
retrieved to use all the fonts.

In an effort to make the distribution more understandable, metrics are
divided into LJ3 and LJ4 subdirectories and within each of those directories,
a directory exists for each typeface.  At the lowest level, the archives
have names of the form


Where "n" is either 3 or 4 (for LJ3 or LJ4), "XXX" is a typeface abbreviation,
and "YY" is either "pl" or "tfm" indicating what sort of files are in the
archive.  The typeface abbreviations are:

Abbr.  Typeface
-----  ---------------------
ale    Albertus Extrabold               
alr    Albertus                         
anb    Antique Olive Bold               
ani    Antique Olive Italic             
anr    Antique Olive                    
arb    Arial Bold (TT)                  
ari    Arial Italic (TT)                
arj    Arial Bold Italic (TT)           
arr    Arial (TT)                       
clc    Clarendon Condensed              
cor    Coronet                          
crb    Courier Bold                     
cri    Courier Italic                   
crj    Courier Bold Italic              
crr    Courier                          
gra    Garamond Antiqua                 
grh    Garamond Halbfett                
grk    Garamond Kursiv                  
grl    Garamond Kursiv Halbfett         
lgb    Letter Gothic Bold               
lgi    Letter Gothic Italic             
lgr    Letter Gothic                    
lpr    Line Printer
mrr    Marigold                         
omb    Omega Bold                       
omi    Omega Italic                     
omj    Omega Bold Italic                
omr    Omega                            
sym    Symbol (TT)                      
tnb    Times New Roman Bold (TT)        
tni    Times New Roman Italic (TT)      
tnj    Times New Roman Bold Italic (TT) 
tnr    Times New Roman (TT)             
trb    CG Times Bold                    
tri    CG Times Italic                  
trj    CG Times Bold Italic             
trr    CG Times                         
ucb    Univers Condensed Bold           
uci    Univers Condensed Italic         
ucj    Univers Condensed Bold Italic    
ucr    Univers Condensed                
unb    Univers Bold                     
uni    Univers Italic                   
unj    Univers Bold Italic              
unr    Univers                          
wgd    Wingdings (TT)                   

The major new feature in this release is the use of additional header words
in the TFM file to include HP-specific information about font selection.
The emTeX dvihplj driver (starting with version 1.5) and Karl Berry's
dviljk driver support this mechanism.

This release is again being offered in order to "get the metrics out there".
Additional changes may still be made.  In particular, VFs for other encoding
schemes will be added, and I may rename the fonts in the next release
to conform with Karl Berry's font naming scheme.

						    28 Apr 1994

ljmetrics – Metrics for Laserjet built-in fonts

The distribution offers TFM (and PL) files derived from Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet IV Developers kit. No outlines are provided; the metrics are only usable with drivers adapted for output to the relevant printers (e.g., dviljk).

MaintainerNorman Walsh
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