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MnSymbol is a symbol font designed to be used in conjunction with Adobe

All files in this archive are in the public domain.


This version includes a bugfix that causes incompatibilities with
previous versions. The symbols

  \...harpoonup and \...harpoondown

are now called

  \...harpoonccw and \...harpooncw

(This was needed for compatibility with amsfonts.sty.)


To install the fonts:

(0) If you have already a version of MnSymbol installed, delete the old
TFM and PK files.

(1) Run

  $ cd tex
  $ latex MnSymbol.ins

and copy the resulting file MnSymbol.sty to


(2) Copy all files in the "source" directory into the directory


(3) Copy the documentation (MnSymbol.ps, MnSymbol.pdf, README) into the


(4) To install the PostScript fonts (courtesy of Michael Zedler) copy

  o enc/MnSymbol.map into .../texmf/fonts/map/dvips/MnSymbol
  o enc/*.enc        into .../texmf/fonts/enc/dvips/MnSymbol
  o pfb/*.pfb        into .../texmf/fonts/type1/public/MnSymbol

(These fonts are not strictly necessary but recommended.)

(5) You can copy the files in the "tfm" directory to


This is optional since these files can be generated automatically.
But it saves some time.

(6) Regenerate the file database:

  $ mktexlsr

If you installed the PostScript fonts you also need to run updmap or
updmap-sys to make them available:

  $ updmap-sys --enable MixedMap MnSymbol.map

(7) Happy TeXing.

Achim Blumensath

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (5.7M).

MnSymbol – Mathematical symbol font for Adobe MinionPro

MnSymbol is a symbol font family, designed to be used in conjunction with Adobe Minion Pro (via the MinionPro package). Almost all of and AMS mathematical symbols are provided; remaining coverage is available from the MinionPro font with the MinionPro package.

The fonts are available both as source and as Adobe Type 1 format, and a comprehensive support package is provided.

While the fonts were designed to fit with Minon Pro, the design should fit well with other renaissance or baroque faces: indeed, it will probably work with most fonts that are neither too wide nor too thin, for example Palatino or Times; it is known to look good with Sabon. There is no package designed to configure its use with any font other than Minion Pro, but (for example) simply loading mnsymbol after mathpazo will probably do what is needed.

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MaintainerAchim Blumensath
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