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Font Type1

This topic con­tains pack­ages with fonts in Adobe Type 1 for­mat.

Ac­can­this fonts, with sup­port.
Orne­mentsADF font with / sup­port.
Sym­bol­sADF with / sup­port.
Ale­greya fonts with sup­port.
Fonts and pack­age for al­most all runes.
Al­men­dra fonts with sup­port.
fonts from the Amer­i­can Math­e­mat­i­cal So­ci­ety.
Use Anony­mousPro fonts with .
An­tykwa Półtawskiego: a Type 1 fam­ily of Pol­ish tra­di­tional type.
An­tykwa Toruńska: a Type 1 fam­ily of a Pol­ish tra­di­tional type.
sup­port for Ara­bic and Farsi, com­pli­ant with Ba­bel.
Fonts for Ara­maic script.
Fonts and for Syr­iac writ­ten in Serto.
Arimo sans serif fonts with sup­port.
A sys­tem for writ­ing Ar­me­nian with and .
Ar­phic (Chi­nese) font pack­ages.
Use the ASCII “font” in .
Cap­i­tal A and cap­i­tal R lig­a­ture for Aspect Ra­tio.
Cal­li­graphic font for type­set­ting hand­writ­ing.
Ar­ti­fi­cial Un­cial font and sup­port macros.
Cal­li­graphic fonts for use with in T1 en­cod­ing.
Com­puter Modern and AMS fonts in out­line form.
Basker­vald ADF fonts col­lec­tion with / sup­port.
Ex­ten­sion and mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Basker­valdADF with sup­port.
Fry’s Baskerville look-alike, with math sup­port.
An Adobe Type 1 for­mat ver­sion of the bbold font.
Free re­place­ment for ba­sic MathTime fonts.
Ben­gali in Velthuis translit­er­a­tion or in UTF-8.
Bera fonts.
Bere­nis ADF fonts and / sup­port.
The script of the Beu­ronese art school.
(pdf) sup­port for the Bi­olinum fam­ily of fonts.
sup­port for the Bit­ter fam­ily of fonts.
Math­e­mat­i­cal al­pha­bets de­rived from the STIX fonts.
A hand­writ­ing script font.
A hu­man­ist Sans Serif font, with sup­port.
Sup­port for the Caladea fam­ily of fonts.
Type 1 ver­sion of Cal­ligra.
sup­port for the Cantarell font fam­ily.
Sup­port for Car­l­ito sans-serif fonts.
Adobe Type 1 for­mat of Carolin­gian Mi­nus­cule fonts.
Cop­tic fonts and macros for gen­eral us­age and for philol­ogy.
Com­plete set of Greek fonts.
sup­port for Creative Com­mons icons.
Pol­ish ex­ten­sion of Com­puter Con­crete fonts.
Char­ter fonts.
Us­ing the free Chivo fonts with .
sup­port for Cinzel and Cinzel Dec­o­ra­tive fonts.
Type­set He­brew with .
URW Clas­sico fonts.
Clear Sans fonts with sup­port.
Com­puter Modern fonts with cyril­lic ex­ten­sions.
A set of Type 1 Cyril­lic fonts.
Type 1 CM-based fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyril­lic.
Sym­bols for lin­ear logic.
Com­puter Modern for Ser­bian and Mace­do­nian.
CM-Su­per fam­ily of fonts.
Com­puter Modern Uni­code font fam­ily.
Cochineal fonts with sup­port.
Coela­canth fonts with sup­port.
Use Comic Neue with (-alike) sys­tems.
Cor­morant Gara­mond fam­ily of fonts.
A font with the im­ages of the coun­tries of Europe.
Adobe Type 1 "free" copies of Courier.
Crim­son fonts with sup­port.
Crim­sonPro fonts with sup­port.
Font for graph­i­cal sym­bols used in crys­tal­log­ra­phy.
Czech/Slo­vak tuned CM fonts in Type 1 for­mat.
Com­puter San­skrit(/Ex­tended) cod­ing sup­port on MS-DOS.
The Cy­clop type­face.
A script which was used on Cyprus for writ­ing Greek.
Sim­ple type­set­ting sys­tem for mixed Ara­bic/Latin doc­u­ments.
A font for DANTE's logo.
The Day Ro­man type­face.
sup­port for the De­jaVu fonts.
Type­set De­vana­gari.
Dic­tSym font and macro pack­age.
Type­set math­e­mat­i­cal dou­ble stroke sym­bols.
Type­set doc­u­ments us­ing base twelve num­ber­ing (also called “dozenal”).
A com­plete fam­ily of fonts writ­ten in .
sup­port for the Droid font fam­i­lies.
A dou­ble-struck ser­ifed font for math­e­mat­i­cal use.
A re­work­ing of ESSTIX13, adding a bold ver­sion.
sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts.
Elec­trum ADF fonts col­lec­tion.
A Greek and Latin font.
Type­set­ting the Epi-Olmec Lan­guage.
Font pack­age de­rived from Heuris­tica and Utopia.
Font esin­t10 in Type 1 for­mat.
Pro­vides a sym­bol set for de­scrib­ing re­la­tions be­tween or­dered pairs.
PostScript ver­sions of the ESSTIX, with macro sup­port.
Type 1 ver­sions of Amharic fonts.
Fonts for the Etr­uscan script.
A free Bembo-like font.
A maths sym­bol font.
Ex­tended ver­sion of Knuth’s logo type­face.
A font for Frege's Grundge­setze der Arith­metik.
Fira fonts with sup­port.
The ti­tle font of the Mads Føk mag­a­zine.
Font con­tain­ing web-re­lated icons.
Font Awe­some 5 with sup­port.
fo­rum fonts with sup­port.
Us­ing Utopia fonts in doc­u­ments.
SC and OsF fonts for URW Pal­la­dio L.
French cur­sive hand fonts.
Gandhi Serif and Sans fonts, with sup­port.
‘Ex­pert’-like ex­ten­sions to URW Gara­mond, and maths italic.
Gen­tium font and sup­port files.
Gen­tium fonts (in two for­mats) and sup­port files.
Sup­port for type­set­ting in Ge­or­gian.
A mod­ern Greek font de­sign.
A Greek font, from one such by Baskerville.
A Greek and Latin font based on Bodoni.
A Greek font with a long his­tory.
A Greek font based on Di­dot’s work.
A Greek font in the Neo-Hel­lenic style.
A Greek math font in the Neo-Hel­lenic style.
A Greek font, orig­i­nally from Por­son.
A Greek-al­pha­bet font.
Gil­lius fonts with sup­port.
GoSans and GoMono fonts with sup­port.
A Greek font from 394BC.
A Greek font from the sixth cen­tury BC.
Font sup­port for the Arka lan­guage.
Fonts ex­tend­ing Utopia, with sup­port files.
The hf­bright fonts.
The "poor man's" Egyp­tian Hiero­glyphic font.
Hiero­glyph fonts and other sup­port.
A col­lec­tion of Korean (Han­gul) fonts.
Half-width katakana fonts.
IM Fell English fonts with sup­port.
A monospaced font, with sup­port files for use with .
Indic Type 1 fonts con­verted from pub­lic sources.
Adobe Type 1 dec­o­ra­tive ini­tial fonts.
In­ria fonts with sup­port.
IPAex fonts con­verted to Type-1 for­mat Uni­code sub­fonts.
A two-el­e­ment sans-serif font.
Kerkis (Greek) font fam­ily.
Pro­duce knit­ting charts, in Plain or .
A com­plete set of fonts for text and math­e­mat­ics.
A two-el­e­ment sans-serif type­face.
Lato font fam­ily and sup­port.
The Adobe Type 1 font fam­ily Let­ter Goth­icType.
Use of Linux Lib­er­tine and Bi­olinum fonts with .
Linux Lib­er­tine fonts for and pdf users.
(pdf) sup­port for the Lib­er­tine fam­ily of fonts.
A Type 1 font and sup­port for Lib­ert­i­nus Math.
Sup­port for us­ing Lib­ert­i­nus fonts with /pdf.
sup­port for the Li­bre Baskerville fam­ily of fonts.
Li­bre Bodoni fonts with sup­port.
Li­bre Caslon fonts, with sup­port.
sup­port for the Li­bre-Franklin fam­ily of fonts.
Lib­ris ADF fonts, with sup­port.
Lin­ear A script fonts.
Lin­ear B script used in the Bronze Age for Myce­naean Greek.
Lin­guis­tic­sPro fonts with sup­port.
The Lit­er­atur­naya fam­ily of fonts.
Latin mod­ern fonts in out­line for­mats.
Lob­ster Two fonts, with sup­port for all en­gines.
Free monospace fonts.
Set of slide fonts based on CM.
for Malay­alam.
Knuth's "man­ual" fonts.
Mar­cel­lus fonts with sup­port.
Out­line ver­sion of the math­abx fonts.
Math­e­mat­i­cal fonts to fit with par­tic­u­lar text fonts.
Fonts to type­set math­e­mat­ics to match Palatino.
Sym­bol fonts to match Adobe Myr­iad Pro.
Mer­ri­weather and Mer­ri­weath­erSans fonts, with sup­port.
logo font.
The Miama Nueva hand­writ­ing font with sup­port.
sup­port for Min­tSpirit font fam­i­lies.
Math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bol font for Adobe Min­ionPro.
Montser­rat sans serif, otf and pfb, with sup­port files.
A par­tial im­ple­men­ta­tion of the old msym10 font.
Fonts used by Musix.
Adobe Type 1 ver­sions of MusiX fonts.
A pair of fonts for dif­fer­ent Ge­or­gian al­pha­bets.
Font for Na­batean script.
Type1 sub­fonts of Nanum Korean fonts.
Al­ter­na­tive uses of the PX fonts, with im­proved met­rics.
Al­ter­na­tive uses of the TX fonts, with im­proved met­rics.
Sans-math fonts for use with newtx.
En­hance­ment of type­writer fonts from newtx.
Type 1 ver­sions of the fonts rec­om­mended in nice­frame.
Sup­port files for Nim­bus 2015 Core fonts.
Sup­port for Noto fonts.
Glyphs used when translit­er­at­ing an­cient scripts.
OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType.
Com­puter Modern old-style ar­rows with smaller ar­row­heads.
Fonts old Per­sian cuneiform script.
OldS­tan­dard fonts with sup­port.
Type 1 ver­sions of Old Stan­dard fonts with sup­port.
The Open Sans font fam­ily, and sup­port.
Over­look sans fonts with sup­port.
The Pan­dora font fam­ily.
sup­port for free fonts by ParaType.
Disk of Phais­tos font.
Fonts for the Phoeni­cian script in use from about 1600 BC.
A font for the pig­pen (or ma­sonic) ci­pher.
Play­fair Dis­play fonts with sup­port.
Sup­port for IBM Plex fonts.
poire­tone fonts with sup­port.
An­tykwa Półtawskiego Fam­ily of Fonts.
Fonts for proto-Semitic cuneiform script.
sup­port for Greek Type 1 fonts.
PT Sans font and sup­port.
PT Serif font and sup­port.
Palatino-like fonts in sup­port of math­e­mat­ics.
PostScript (Adobe Type 1) fonts in QX lay­out.
sup­port for Qu­at­tro­cento and Qu­at­tro­cento Sans fonts.
Use Rale­way with (-alike) sys­tems.
A font pro­vid­ing the "re­cy­clable" logo.
Sup­port for the Roboto fam­ily of fonts.
Ro­mande ADF fonts and sup­port.
Us­ing the free Rosario fonts with .
Ralph Smith's For­mal Script font.
Fonts for An­glo-Saxon futharc script.
Type 1 ver­sion of 'skt' fonts for San­skrit.
Cor­rect place­ment of ac­cents in sans-serif maths.
Ar­chaic South Ara­bian script font.
Semaphore al­pha­bet font.
The skak chess fonts re­done in Adobe Type 1.
Use SourceCodePro with (-alike) sys­tems.
Use SourceSan­sPro with (-alike) sys­tems.
Use SourceSer­ifPro with (-alike) sys­tems.
Square Cap­i­tals manuscript book-hand font.
Type­set Ice­landic staves and runic let­ters.
A re­work­ing of STIX2.
OpenType Uni­code maths fonts.
Type1 ver­sions of the STIX Two OpenType fonts.
St Mary Road sym­bols for the­o­ret­i­cal com­puter sci­ence.
At­tach su­pe­rior fig­ures to a font fam­ily.
A font for Syr­iac writ­ten in Es­trangelo.
Tamil sup­port for Omega/Aleph.
A sim­ple ge­o­met­ri­cal font.
Greek and Cyril­lic to ac­com­pany Times.
Fonts ex­tend­ing freely avail­able URW fonts.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Gothic L.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Book­man L.
A font that ex­tends URW Chancery L.
A font that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Mono L.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Sans L.
A font fam­ily that ex­tends URW Nim­bus Ro­man.
A font of­fer­ing the new (In­dian) Ru­pee sym­bol.
TheanoDi­dot fonts with sup­port.
Theano Modern fonts with sup­port.
Theano OldStyle fonts with sup­port.
Ti­nos fonts with sup­port.
Fonts and macros for IPA pho­net­ics char­ac­ters.
Fonts from the Tra­jan col­umn in Rome.
Type 1 EC fonts gen­er­ated by trace.
Times-like fonts in sup­port of math­e­mat­ics.
Ex­ten­sions to tx­fonts, us­ing GNU Free­font.
Upright cal­li­graphic font based on TX cal­li­graphic.
Fonts for Ugaritic cuneiform script.
Ex­tra math­e­mat­i­cal char­ac­ters in Adobe Type 1 for­mat.
Univer­salis font, with sup­port.
URW An­ti­qua con­densed font, for use with .
URW Arial font pack for use with .
URW "Base 35" font pack for .
URW Gara­mond No8 Adobe Type 1 fonts.
URW Grotesq font pack for .
Adobe Utopia fonts.
Ven­turis ADF fonts col­lec­tion.
A Viet­namese ex­ten­sion of the cmr fonts.
Sup­port for Viet­namese.
Wadalab (Ja­panese) font pack­ages.
Type 1 ver­sions of wasy2 fonts.
We­bom­ints font sup­port.
Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton cyril­lic fonts.
Ex­ten­sion of Bit­stream Char­ter fonts.
Old Ger­man-style fonts, in Adobe type 1 for­mat.
Ex­tended maths fonts for .
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