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I have been unable to find the author or maintainer or copyright holder
of the Metafont karta, containing map symbols. Problems have arisen with
that font, mainly the usual ones: "Strange path" errors and capacity
exceeded. I have change the coding a bit to try to avoid these. Also,
there were two paths defined with incorrect turning number, and
incorrect order of operations (a too-late unfill operation caused
previously drawn elements of two figures to be erased). This was also
corrected. Aside from that, no actual paths were changed.

To avoid confusion with the original files, I have renamed the result
nkarta. Barring any legal claim by the creator of karta.mf, I hereby
place nkarta in the public domain.

This is version 0.2. The previous version failed to include a version
number. It will be called version 0.1 when I need to refer to it.

The character shapes are all in nkchars.mf, which is input by a driver
file nkarta.mf. The font produced has design size 15pt. A file
nkart15.mf is provided as an example showing how that design size can be
changed. In order to get a 20pt font, just copy nkarta15.mf to
nkarta20.mf and then edit it, changing 15 to 20 everywhere.

To allow larger scaling without risking exceeding Metafont's capacity, I
have ported the figures to MetaPost in nkarta.mp. These figures have the
same numbers as the corresponding characters in nkarta.mf. That is,
after "mpost nkarta.mp", the file nkarta.NNN contains the same picture
as charater NNN in the nkarta font. Without scaling, they will be the
same size that nkarta.mf produces.

One can also run mpost on nkarta15.mf (or nkarta20.mf if prepared as
above). In that case nkarta15.NNN (or nkarta20.NNN) has the same figure
as character NNN of the font nkarta15 (or nkarta20).

Files figtest.pdf and fonttest.pdf provide a table of the available

Installing nkarta
 0. Run tex or latex on nkarta.ins to generate the *.mf and *.mp source

 1. Copy the .mf files somewhere Metafont will find them. In a TDS
    compliant system, that would be a subdirectory path similar to

 2. Copy the .tfm file somewhere TeX searches for TFM files, for example

 3. Copy the .mp files where MetaPost will find them, for example:

 4. Copy README, *.tex and *.pdf where documentation is kept, for example:

 5. Copy nkarta.dtx and nkarta.ins where source files are kept, for example:

 6. Refresh the filename database (mktexlsr or MiKTeX Options).

A list of the files and their uses.

  README            This file
  nkarta.ins        The script for unpacking nkarta.dtx
  nkarta.dtx        The source for the next five files:
    nkarta.mf       Preliminary definitions for MF
    nkarta.mp       Preliminary definitions for MP
    nkchars.mf      Actual characters, input by nkarta.mf
    nkchars.mp      Actual figures, input by nkarta.mp  (a)
    nkarta15.mf     MF source for the font at 15pt
  nkarta15.tfm      Prebuilt TFM file
  fonttable.tex     Source for a table of the characters
  figtable.tex      Source for a table of the figures
  fonttable.pdf     Prebuilt PDF file  (b)
  figtable.pdf      Prebuilt PDF file  (c)

  (a) nkchars.mf and nkchars.mp are identical (apart from comments). You
      can discard the second one if MetaPost is configured to find the
      first one.
  (b) fonttable.pdf was built by running
        tex fonttable.tex
        dvips fonttable.dvi
        ps2pdf fonttable.ps
      This requires testfont.tex and nkarta15.tfm
  (c) figtable.pdf was built by running
        mpost nkarta.mp
        tex figtable.tex
        dvips figtable.dvi
        ps2pdf figtable.ps
      This requires testfont.tex, epsf.tex and nkarta15.tfm.

The only change from version 0.1 to 0.2 of nkarta to this one is a
repackaging, and streamlining of the code. Also, more than 100K of
garbage following "end" in nkarta.mp was removed.

Daniel H. Luecking      email: luecking at uark dot edu
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (135.2k).

nkarta – A "new" version of the karta cartographic fonts

A development of the karta font, offering more mathematical stability in . A version that will produce the glyphs as Encapsulated PostScript, using , is also provided.

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MaintainerDaniel H. Luecking
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