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This is a collection of virtual fonts generated with fontinst 1.6,
based on a Postscript font `Antykwa Toru\'nska' available form CTAN at


The original font comes in an encoding which is close to QX encoding
(local Polish encoding designed especially to be used with Windows),
some glyphs are however missing. The users of LaTeX2e would rather
prefer it in standard OT1 and T1 (and maybe also TS1 and OT4) encodings.
This is the purpose of this bundle.


First you need to install the original font, in particular you should
download the following files from CTAN/fonts/psfonts/polish/antyktor/:

anttb.pfb anttr.pfb anttri.pfb
anttb.tfm anttr.tfm anttri.tfm

Other files are obsolete. If your TeX conforms the TDS, I suggest to put
the files listed above in the following directories:


Now install the files included in this bundle:

1) move all the tfm files from ./tfm/ to $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/public/antyktor/
2) move all the vf files from ./vf/ to $TEXMF/fonts/vf/public/antyktor/
3) move all the *.fd files and antyktor.sty from ./latex2e/
   to $TEXMF/tex/latex/antyktor/
4) add the contents of ./fontname/special.map to $TEXMF/fontname/special.map
5) add the contents of dvips/psfonts.map to $TEX/dvips/misc/psfonts.map
6) texhash


Adding the following line:


in the preamble of your document replaces the default roman family with
Antykwa Toru\'nska in the whole document.

Alternatively you may use a declaration:


to switch to Antykwa Toru\'nska in the middle of your document.


The following naming conventions have been used for files generated with
fontinst: the typeface is nonstandard, so I arbitrarily used the
two-letter abbreviation `at' (= Antykwa Toru\'nska = Antiqua of Toru\'n;
Toru\'n is a Polish town). To indicate that `at' is nonstandard and does
not mean `American Typewriter', the first letter (foundry) is `z'.
Finally the first three letters of all files are 'zat'. Now comes the
series/shape abbreviation:

abbr.                       name			NFSS name
b	bold						b/n
bc      bold, caps and small caps			b/sc
bo      bold slanted (oblique)				b/sl
r       medium upright (regular)			m/n
rc      medium upright (regular), caps and small caps	m/sc
rci     medium italics, caps and small caps		m/sci (nonstandard!)
ri	medium italics (regular italics)		m/it
ro	medium slanted (regular oblique)		m/sl

The last two letters stand for the encoding:

7t	TeX text encoding (OT1)
8t	Cork encoding (T1)
8p      TeX text encoding with Polish national characters (OT4)
8u      the QX encoding (it plays a role of the `raw' font), accessed
        from LaTeX2e as the U encoding

If you don't intend to use local Polish OT4 encoding, you may remove
all the files *8p.tfm *8p.vf and ot4antt.fd.


Although some characters have been borrowed from standard Postscript
fonts (Adobe Symbol, Adobe Palatino), few glyphs are missing in OT1, T1
and OT4 encodings.

The Antykwa Toru\'nska has an `fk' ligature, not present in the standard
encodings. It has been put in arbitrarily chosen unused positions
(instead of missing `zeroperthousand' glyph in T1, and at "BC in OT1 and
OT4 encodings).

The slanted (oblique) shape is generated from the upright one by
slanting the letters by a factor of 0.167. The slanted shape is very
close to the italics one, although some small letters are distinctly
different. However it probably doesn't make much sense to use them both
in the same document.

Few accents over letters in T1 encoding are not correctly placed.

The TS1 encoding (to be used with textcomp package) contains only few glyphs.

Please send all comments concerning *only* the virtual fonts to ToMasz
Wierzbicki <tomasz@tcs.uni.wroc.pl>. Comments about the font `Antykwa
Toru\'nska' itself should be sent to Janusz Marian Nowacki

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (124.0k).

anttvf – Virtual fonts for PostScript Antykwa Toruńska font

A collection of virtual fonts generated with fontinst 1.6, that provide a PostScript font ‘Antykwa Toruńska’’ (antt) in OT1, T1, TS1 and OT4 encodings, to be used with .

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MaintainerTomasz Wierzbicki
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