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This README describes the files in CTAN:fonts/psfonts/corelpak/contrib,
a file renaming tool for commercial corelpak font files.

Author:  Karsten Tinnefeld <karsten@tinnefeld.com>
Changed: 1999-01-12
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For renaming the .pfb and .afm files that come with Corel software, a half 
automatic tool is work in progress. You can try the first version by 
putting the files translate-font.pl and transtabl into one writable 
directory in your PATH. Modify the first line of translate-font.pl to match
the location of your Perl interpreter. At first startup you will be
asked for a mountpoint for the CD, enter /cdrom/ or f:\ or the like.
This will be checkpointed in a file called mountpoint. Remove this
file in order to use another mount point. Call translate-font.pl in
either one of the following two ways:

	translate-font.pl PATTERN

this will scan the font directories for all fonts that match the PATTERN 
and output their names (if extractable from the .pfb file). PATTERN
must begin with a letter in [a-z] and may contain wildcards, thus
'amri*' will output the names of the amerigo fonts. Take care to hide
the wildcards from prior shell expansion by using single quotes of

	translate-font.pl PATTERN pfb		or
	translate-font.pl PATTERN afm

this will copy any matching font to the current directory, provided 
their names are already known in �transtabl�. This file consists of
lines that list the original font name followed by white space
followed by the tex font name (without suffixes). I hope, the names do
not differ from one Corel version to the other.

You will find the correct tex font name in Karl Berry's fontname files
(CTAN:doc/fontname/). They might not in any case match the names in the 
.map files in this distribution, however.

This tool is not expected to work under DOS at the moment, not even if
you have the head, tail and strings programs installed. This will change
only by your aid.

Please send me any font translation rules you have added, hints about 
bugs and errors to Karsten Tinnefeld <karsten@tinnefeld.com>.
Please note that corelpak-contrib does not, will not and never has included
any third hand copyrighted material, be it names, strokes, measurements or

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (4.5k).

corelpak-contrib – Manage Corel-distributed fonts

A small perl script to install the pfb and afm files for fonts that Corel sells with their products; renames files to Berry-style names and copies them to appropriate places in the tree.

Version 1999-03-09
MaintainerKarsten Tinnefeld (inactive)
TopicsFont virtual
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