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This is the 'axodraw' system. Currently it is used for drawing
Feynman diagrams in the contents of a LaTeX document.
This system was made by Jos Vermaseren and can be used freely for
non commercial purposes only.
Any commercial use needs the written approval of Jos Vermaseren.
Basically the graphics primitives are written in postscript, but the
user sees only LaTeX commands, and never has to worry about postscript.
This gives a considerable flexibility.
The current version (5-mar-1998) supports color.

The whole will work together with the dvips system of radical eye software.
With other dvi to postscript converters or with systems that do not
convert properly to postscript working is not garanteed.

The manual is obtained by the commands
latex axoman
dvips axoman
after which it should be available from the printer.

Good Luck
     Jos Vermaseren

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (128.3k).

axodraw – Feynman diagrams in a document

The axodraw package was designed for 2.09 (though it does work with current ), and it assumes dvips output. The package provides a rather flexible set of commands for typesetting Feynman diagrams.

LicensesNo Commercial Use
MaintainerJos Vermaseren
TopicsGraphics in
See alsofeynmf
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