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README for fig2mfpic 0.24 alpha version, Thu 16 June 1994.
Author:  Geoffrey Tobin.
Email:   G.Tobin@ee.latrobe.edu.au
Address:  Department of Electronic Engineering,
          La Trobe University,
          Bundoora VIC 3083,


fig2mfpic is a program for converting Fig 2.1 graphics language into
an approximate equivalent in MFpic.  MFpic is a set of TeX and METAFONT
macros for drawings.

Current version:

fig2mfpic 0.24 alpha is designed for mfpic.tex version 0.2.5 (as at CTAN)
and graphbase 0.2 fig 2a.  The graphbase ( of mfpic 0.2.5 does
NOT work with fig2mfpic.

Manifest:  eight (8) files:

  296  Jun 10 22:34  Makefile      A make file for the "cc" C compiler.
 2896  Jun 16 13:35  README        This introductory file.
  386  Jun 15 20:03  TODO          What I'd like fig2mfpic to do, in future.
52714  Jun 16 13:30  fig2mfpic.c   ANSI/traditional C source for fig2mfpic.
23444  Jun 16 13:33  graphbase.mf  Modified graphbase.mf, version 0.2 fig 2a.
11511  Oct 12  1993  mfpic.tex     mfpic.tex 0.2.5, from mfpic distribution.
 2233  Jun  2 22:42  tidied.fig    Sample Fig file, every major Fig object type.
 2689  Jun  1 22:08  various.fig   Like tidied.fig, plus unknown object types.


After making fig2mfpic, if you type just the command `fig2mfpic', as:


then fig2mfpic will issue a usage summary to stderr, as follows:

usage:  fig2mfpic  [infile] [... infile] [> outfile]
    [-?]    Help request
    [-d]    List input file, with line numbers
    [-code=<integer>]    First character's code : not effective
    [-pen=<real>]    Default pen width (pt)
    [-u=<none>]    Output unit name
    [-xscale=<real>]    X unit (in output units)
    [-yscale=<real>]    Y unit (in output units)
    [-xneg=<real>]    Most negative X value (X units)
    [-xpos=<real>]    Most positive X value (X units)
    [-yneg=<real>]    Most negative Y value (Y units)
    [-ypos=<real>]    Most positive Y value (Y units)
    [-top=<real>]    Top of drawing (Y units)
    [-mf=<string>]    Output METAFONT file
    [-tex=<string>]    mfpic TeX drawing macros file
    [-log=<string>]    fig2mfpic log file
If an "infile" is "-", then standard input is read.
The mfpic TeX drawing file goes to standard output.
Messages, such as this, go to standard error.

Typical use of fig2mfpic is exemplified by:

    fig2mfpic various.fig > various.tex

Error messages are recorded in the log file, which is called
`fig2mfpic.log' unless you give it another name by the -log= option.
If there are no error messages, then the log file has a size of zero
bytes (at least on unix).

Impressions and advice are of course welcome.

Best wishes!
Geoffrey Tobin

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (28.9k).

fig2mfpic – Convert fig output to mfpic

This package is based on fig2mf, and is firmly targeted at mfpic.

MaintainerGeoffrey Tobin
TopicsGraphics import
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