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pgfplots - Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions for LaTeX/TeX/ConTeXt.

pgfplotstable - Loads, rounds, formats and postprocesses numerical tables.

PGFPlots draws high--quality function plots in normal or logarithmic scaling
with a user-friendly interface directly in TeX. The user supplies axis labels,
legend entries and the plot coordinates for one or more plots and PGFPlots
applies axis scaling, computes any logarithms and axis ticks and draws the
plots. It supports line plots, scatter plots, piecewise constant plots, bar
plots, area plots, mesh and surface plots, patch plots, contour plots, quiver
plots, histogram plots, polar axes, ternary diagrams, smith charts and some

Pgfplots is based on Till Tantau's package PGF/TikZ (pgf).

Pgfplotstable displays numerical tables rounded to desired precision in various
display formats, for example scientific format, fixed point format or integer,
using TeX's math facilities for pretty printing. Furthermore, it provides
methods for table postprocessing.

Please take a look at

Copyright 2007-2021 by Christian Feuersaenger.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

- new feature: 'contour lua', implemented and contributed by Francesco Poli
- new feature: ignore empty coordinates when computing regression lines
- new feature: improve log-regression fitting of exponential functions (using variance format=linear)
- fixed bug #390: image plots in log mode failed to work. Also fixed issues with mesh/ordering=y varies
- fixed bug #219: handle NaN in stacked plots

- fixed bug: restore compatibility with pgf/tikz circle syntax inside of pgfplots
- new feature #62: 'coordinate style' which allows to associate options with individual coordinates.
- new feature pgfplotstable: added 'text indicator'
- new feature pgfplotstable: added 'percent is letter' to allow comment chars
  within string-based tables

- fixed bug #111 [fillbetween] strange behavior when `soft clip` is used and one of the paths touches the axis border
- fixed bug #183: Nan in the first line of a numeric table was interpreted as column name
- fixed bug #187 Wrong output from mod in axis 
- fixed bug #109 `visualization depends on` doesn't work with table from pgfplotstable is now fixed for numeric values
- fixed bug: \pgfplotstablenew was unable to create tables with 0 or 1 rows.
- fixed bug: 114 fillbetween suffered from inaccuracy (produced invisible segments)
- fixed bug #139 [fillbetween] numerical issues with dense points 
- fixed bug #153: \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=...] combined with fill between or
  'set layers' resulted in a wrong bounding box
- \addplot gnuplot: autodetected unbounded coordinates
- new feature: parse tick positions using math parser (tracker #69)
- new feature: programmatic access to axis coordinates for given canvas coordinates (\pgfplotspointgetcoordinates, tracker 68)
- new feature: 'x filter/.append expression', a stackable variant of 'x filter/.expression'

1.15: bugfix release
- fixed regression: fpu caused forest library to fail as soon as one loads pgfplots
- fixed bug #149 : \edef{...\to...} was wrong and caused \pgfplotstablevertcat to fail 
- usability: added support for \plotnum during \addplot
- fixed bug 134 [statistics] Histogram with custom `symbolic coords`
- fixed bug 140 (pgfplotstable read does not process empty rows anymore)
- fixed bug 150 Usage of \pgfkeysvalueof in xtick leads to 'Dimension too large' 
- fixed bug 105 [manual] `xticklabel pos=upper` is not documented
	in fact, some of the documented positions for 'xtick pos' where
- fixed bug 155 [groupplots] `scaled ticks` does not recognize `ticklabels at` 
- fixed bug 160 `xticklabels` also used for `extra x tick labels` if they are not given explicitely 
- implemented partial solution for bug 154 [log mode] sampling in 2D and 3D different 
- fixed bug 163 [bar-chart] bars dissapear when values are >xmax/ymax 
- fixed bug 81 cannot use dollar sign as 'comment char'
- fixed bug 91 Hashes in data 
- fixed bug 165 [minor ticks] minor tick drawn after the last xtick
- fixed bug 176: 2d plot expression in 3d axis fails for lualatex 

- new feature: 'contour filled' (compat=1.14)
- new feature: building colormaps from other colormaps (see "Building Colormaps based on other Colormaps" in the manual)
- new feature: non-uniform colormaps (compat=1.14)
- new feature: colormaps defined on position of arbitrary magnitude
- new feature: colorbar as legend
- new feature: 'colorbar style={xtick=data}' positions tick labels at colormap positions
- fixed bug: pgfplots now handles incompatible changes of luatex
	 loading \usepackage{pgfplots} _before_ pgf also allows makes older
	 PGF versions compatible with luatex
- fixed bug: incompatibility between units + groupplots (bug 119)
- fixed bug: 'axis line shift' did not respect labels
- fixed bug: layers for axis lines were not respected
- fixed bug: two axes with fillbetween in the same picture failed due to clip paths on layers
- fixed bug: quiver plots with 'every arrow' failed to evaluate arrow tip length arguments
- fixed bug: \usepgfplotslibrary{colorbrewer}: colormap 'PuOr' was defined in reverse order

- fixed bug: incompatiblity between fillbetween and babel
- fixed bug: 'compat=1.9' (or newer) failed to work with log bar plots
- fixed bug: javascript incompatibility between Acrobat reader DC and clickable lib
- fixed bug in polar axes: repaired default axis label positions
- fixed bug in polar axes: repaired support for sloped descriptions
- fixed bug: 'axis line style={draw=none}' had no effect unless one had 2d boxed axes
- fixed bug: point meta expressions with '=' inside of them which caused compilation errors
- fixed bug: compat=1.12 combined with interrupted plots (by empty line) failed to work
- fixed bug: compat=1.12 combined with lualatex evaluated relational operations (<, ==) with the wrong operator precedence
- fixed bug: fixed floor and ceil functions
- fixed bug: 'set layers' broke alignment features with different manifestations
       ('set layers' together with fill between in group plots, together with at={} key, together with anchor)
- fixed bug: fill between and group plots: fill-between graphics was missing (list of layers was lost)
- fixed bug: \addplot graphics {\newFile{P.pdf}}; failed to properly expand the file name
- fixed bug: fill between + error bars resulted in compilation error
- fixed bug: stacked plots occasionally used a wrong coordinate mapping
- fixed bug: provided suitable default legends for xbar and xbar stacked
- fixed bug: 'dateplot' now computes missing 'date ZERO' automatically. 'date ZERO' is managed automatically.
- new feature: Added support for search paths to find data files (table/search path)
- new feature: 'xtick distance' allows to define tick positions by distance
- new feature: "axis line shift=10pt" shifts axis lines together with all their descriptions
- new feature: 'matrix plot' (alias 'imagesc') which allows cell-based matrix plots
- new feature: unbounded point meta in mesh plots will be treated like an invisible patch
- new feature: added high quality colormap 'viridis' (use 'colormap name=viridis' to activate it)
- new feature: ensured that 'shader=flat' returns the same result for every choice of 'z buffer' (starting with compat=1.13)
- new feature: utility function \pgfplotsforeachungrouped: added support for \breakforeach
- new feature: compat=1.13: activates sampling routine with less rounding errors
- new feature: cycle multiindex list (uses the 'ith' element for every provided sub-list)
- new feature: 'color of colormap=<value>' or 'color of colormap=<value> of <colormap name>'
- new feature: 'index of colormap=<value>' or 'index of colormap=<value> of <colormap name>'
- new feature: cycle list={[of colormap]}
- new feature: cycle list={[colors of colormap={0,100,500,100} of viridis]}
- new feature: cycle list={[indices of colormap={0,1,2,3} of hot]}
- new feature: added support for 'stack negative=on previous|separate' which allows separate plots for '+' and '-' (useful for bar plots)
- new feature: added support for 'colormap access=direct' combined with 'shader=flat mean' and 'shader=interp':
	it previously used to interpolate indices instead of colors
- new feature: \closedcycle now produces useful results for 3d line plots
- new feature: added \usetikzlibrary{colorbrewer} and \usepgfplotslibrary{colorbrewer}
- new feature: added 'colormap access=piecewise constant'
- new feature: added rudimentary support for "Filled Contours" (based on 'colormap access=piecewise constant')
- new feature: added methods to build colormaps based on other colormaps using
   "color of colormap", "index of colormap", "colors of colormap", "samples of colormap", and "indices of colormap"

1.12.1: minor bugfix release
- fixed bug: incompatibility of 1.12 with unicode-math
- fixed bug: lua backend failed to work with table input and dependency on \coordindex
- fixed bug: lua backend failed with 'forget plot'

1.12: scalability + performance
- scalability: reduced TeX memory consumption for huge inline tables
- scalability: lualatex allows bigger 3d graphics
- scalability: lualatex now reduces compilation time for huge 3d graphics
   (requires \pgfplotsset{compat=newest} at the time of this writing)
   	surf shader=faceted: time reduced to 61% of pdflatex
		(\addplot3[surf,samples=70] {exp(-x^2-y^2 +x*y)})

	surf shader=interp: time reduced to 25% of pdflatex
	 	(\addplot3[surf,shader=interp,samples=70] {exp(-x^2-y^2 +x*y)})

	surf shader=interp, parametric: time reduced to 36% of pdflatex
		(\addplot3[surf,shader=interp,z buffer=sort, samples=50,domain=-1:0,y domain=0:2*pi] ({sqrt(1-x^2) * cos(deg(y))}, {sqrt( 1-x^2 ) * sin(deg(y))}, x);)

	surf shader=faceted, parametric: time reduced to 40% of pdflatex
		(\addplot3[surf,z buffer=sort, samples=50,domain=-1:0,y domain=0:2*pi] ({sqrt(1-x^2) * cos(deg(y))}, {sqrt( 1-x^2 ) * sin(deg(y))}, x);)

- scalability: lualated now reduces compilation time for boxplots.
    10000 input points from table: time reduced to 23% of pdflatex
- fixed bug: 3d axes where all axes used log scale produced compile failure
- fixed bug: axis equal did not respect "disabledatascaling"
- fixed bug: mesh legend was confused by color input=explicit
- fixed bug: colorbar style did not reset zmin/zmax
- fixed bug: memory allocation in FPU consumed too much memory
- fixed bug: boxplots: removed compilation error due to spurious spaces in options list
- fixed bug: boxplots: now uses standard quantile estimators: has all 9 estimators of R and uses the same as in Excel as default (as of compat=1.12)
- fixed bug: boxplots: sometimes failed to compute boxplot statistics for special inputs
- fixed bug: boxplots: now, it sets 'mark=*' for outliers if there is no mark (compat=1.12)
- fixed regression: compat=1.11 broke arcs inside of axis
- new feature: ensured that arcs inside of axis make use of 'axis cs' and 'axis direction cs' automatically
- new feature: ensured that (0:1) is evaluated with axis cs
- fixed bug: precision of transformation cartesian to polar was too low (added atan2 to fpu)
- fixed bug: z buffer caused 'mesh legend' to produce a compile error
- new feature: added 'y filter/.expression={y==3 ? nan : y}' to simplify coordinate filters

1.11: usability + bug fixes.
- new feature: "hide obscured x ticks=false" to disable the feature which hides ticks
- simplified UI for symbolic coords: now, it accepts unexpandable
  dictionary entries including umlauts, undefined macros, math mode, ...
- simplified UI for symbolic coords: added magic prefix
	[normalized]<number> to allow something like xmin={[normalized]0.7}
- simplified UI for custom annotations: one does not need to say "axis cs" any longer;
  coordinates like (1,2) are now automatically interpreted as (axis cs:1,2)
- new feature: 'type ticklabels with struts' improves baseline alignment of tick labels
- new feature: 'trig format plots=rad' allows to use radians in trigonometric evaluations
- simplified 'external lib': added driver auto-detection for pdflatex, lualatex, xelatex, dvips
	(\usepgfplotslibrary{external}, or, with the next PGF release, \usetikzlibrary{external})
- simplified UI for \addplot coordinates: now, it expands macros as it goes.
- new feature: 'intersection segments' now accepts negative indices to count from the last backwards
- simplified UI: 'intersection segments' now accepts new syntax with 1-based indices (old 0-based are still supported)
- fixed bug: fillbetween has had a problem with pins on input paths
- fixed bug: now, 'stacked ignores zero' is no longer applied to error bars.
- fixed bug: tick lines were drawn incorrectly for centered axis lines in 3d
- fixed bug: variable=u failed to work in some contexts
- fixed bug: fill between implicitly activated layers, but did not install the
   correct layers for grid lines etc.
- fixed bug: z grid style was applied to y grid style
- fixed bug: using 'x=1cm' failed to work in axis descriptions (legends)
- fixed bug: mesh legend failed to work with 'shader=interp'
- fixed bug: bounding box of shader=interp was wrong if there were transformations.
- fixed bug: added support for \addplot graphics in ConTeXt
- fixed bug: external lib failed to work with dvips (since PGF 3.0.0 I suppose); now it produces correct bounding boxes
- fixed bug: \pgfplotstablenew can now overwrite existing tables.
- fixed bug: extra ticks near intersections of axis lines were hidden
- fixed bug: 'intersection segments' did not work with '--cycle'
- fixed bug: 'intersection segments' did not update the last tikz point
- fixed bug: tick lines/grid lines have been clipped when they were near the boundary
- fixed bug: soft clip decoration failed to apply the transformation matrix
- fixed bug: polar axes and units library resulted in broken bounding box
- fixed bug: \addplot[stack plots=false] used to work up to 1.8, but failed until now. Fixed.
- fixed bug: hist/density was broken since some time

- new feature: fill between plots (library fillbetween)
- new feature: concatenate intersection segments (library fillbetween)
- fixed bug: xelatex failed to run contour external
- fixed incompatibility with \label and \usepackage{mcaption}
- fixed bug: histograms produced wrong point meta
- fixed bug: histograms reported the wrong 'plot name' and confused shifts of bar plots

- new feature: asymmetric error bars
- new feature: activated math parser for axis limit arguments, arguments in axis cs, and domain argument in log plots
- new feature: stacked bar plots place their 'nodes near coords' correctly in the middle and print the increment (compat=1.9)
- new feature: stacked bar plots suppress empty increments (compat=1.9).
- new feature: 'scatter/position=relative|absolute' allow to position 'nodes near coords' absolutely.
   use-case: bar plots + nodes near coords which are at, say, y=0 rather than their y value
- new feature: integration of smooth shadings & auto-CMYK conversion
    \usepackage[cmyk]{xcolor} or \selectcolormodel{cmyk} will reconfigure pgfplots to use CMYK (document-wide)
- new feature (advanced audience only): programmatic access to data coordinates during the visualization phase
	-> allows much more customization for error bars, stacked plots, nodes near coords.
- wrote beginner tutorials
- fixed bug: error bars and point meta did not work together
- fixed bug: stacked plots did not respect 'visualization depends on'
- fixed bug: luatex 0.76 is not backwards compatible; added version switch
- fixed bug: ternary library precision has been improved
- fixed bug: problem with axis limits very close to 0
- fixed bug: colormap specification limit case produced out of bounds exception

- new feature: tight bounding box even if the axis is no box and bb excludes clip path
- new feature: mesh/color input=explicit
- new feature: shader=interp now has drivers for both dvipdfmx and xetex
- new feature: support for more color spaces in colormap definitions
- new feature: shader=interp and device-level gray colorspaces
- new feature: 'contour/contour dir=[xyz]' to draw contours in different directions
- new feature: statistics library with boxplot handler (both boxplot prepared and automatic computation)
- fixed bug: 3d centered axis lines and label placement (requires compat=1.8 or higher)
- fixed bug: axis lines and placement of labels, tick scale labels, and reversed axes
    (requires compat=1.8 or higher)
- fixed bug: filtering out coords from a mesh plot failed
- fixed bug: every legend image post was not respected inside of \ref{plotlabel}
- fixed bug: high-order patches computed the shader=flat mean in a wrong way.
- fixed bug: remember picture inside of pgfplots axes failed (due to cell picture)
- fixed bug: now, the tick scale label will be omitted if there are no ticks
- fixed bug: axis box path was not closed
- fixed bug: the bounding box was non-empty even if the axis was hidden.
- fixed bug: auto-alignment of nodes near coords failed for xbar plots
- fixed bug: providing bar width / bar shift in terms of axis units did
    not work with [xy]bar and nodes near coords
- fixed bug: transformation 'data cs=cart' -> polar is more robust now
- fixed bug: code did not compile against pgf 2.00
- fixed bug: patch plot lib and shader=interp,patch type=biquadratic
- fixed bug: context path searching issue (pgfplots.lua)
- fixed bug: shader=interp and dvips driver
- fixed bug: error bars with explicit relative input failed

- added feature: 'bar shift' and 'bar width' can now be expressed in terms of axis units (compat=1.7 or higher)
- fixed incompatibility regression pgfplots 1.6.1 pgf 2.10: layers
- fixed incompatibility pgfplots and imakeidx
- added feature: 'enlargelimits={abs=1cm}', i.e. enlarge by dimension rather than unit
- patchplots lib: added patch type=bicubic
- patchplots lib: added support for global paths (fillable)
- patchplots lib: added patch type sampling feature
- patchplots lib: improved usability (documentation and improvements)
- fixed path issues in context: moved lua input file to tex/generic
- fixed bug: \ref{legendimage} inside of legend text was wrong.

- fixed incompatibility lualatex,shader=interp, and german package (introduced in 1.6)

- added support for layered graphics (main use case: multiple axes and layers)
- added support for second colormap in mesh plots (mesh/interior colormap name)
- added support for scopes inside of axes
- contour plots: added ability to provide list of discrete labels (mesh/levels)
- empty lines are interpreted as interruptions in data plots (was undocumented since 1.4)
- added more scaling options to 'scale mode=scale uniformly' (affects axis equal in 3d
  and \addplot3 graphics)
- fixed wrong implementation of 'axis equal' and 'unit vector ratio' in 3d
  (backwards compatible for 2d, but not for 3d - the 3d implementation was plain wrong)
- fixed incompatibility of lualatex and shader=interp
- fixed bugs/added features around \addplot3 graphics
- fixed bug: colorbar did not support ymode=log
- fixed a couple of minor bugs
- fixed bounding box computation for clip=false,axis lines=none

- more operations for FPU library (==, !=,<=,>=,?)
- fixed bug in usage of decorations in \addplot
- bugfix for contour prepared format=matlab
- added 'const plot mark mid' and 'jump mark mid' plot handlers
- nodes on a plot (\addplot ... node[pos=<fraction>] {};)
- 'trim axis group left' and 'trim axis group right'
- bugfixes for polar axes and log+stacked plots
- added style 'log ticks with fixed point'
- introduced patched tikz paths to simplify circles and ellipses within an axis
- patchplots lib: patch type=polygon
- some more bugfixes

 - Contour plots,
 - Histograms,
 - Quiver plots,
 - patch plots (library)
      - Triangle Meshes
      - Bilinear Elements
      - Quadratic Triangles
      - Biquadratic Quadrilaterals
      - Coons Patches
 - Discrete colorbars,
 - Table sorting,
 - Linear regression,
 - Ternary diagrams,
      - Tieline Plots
 - Smith Charts
 - Polar axes,
 - Empty lines in input files result in interrupted plots,
 - PDF user defined coordinate mouse popups
 - CMYK colormaps and shadings,
 - new markers and cycle lists
 - access to axis limits,
 - \addplot3 graphics: pgfplots draws an appropriate axis for a three-dimensional(!) external png graphics
 - 3D axes: support to provide explicit unit vectors:
 	- explicit unit vectors
	- explicit unit vectors which are uniformly rescaled to match width/height
 - 3D axes: improved support for unit vector ratios
 - improvements of the groupplot styles
 - preliminary support for (2d) bar plots in 3d axes
 - new shader 'faceted interp'
 - table package:
 	- 'every nth row' style
	- 'comment chars' key to define comment characters in input files
	- 'skip first n' style
 - lots of smaller bugfixes (see ChangeLog for details)

- improved compatibility to gnuplot 4.4

Version 1.4 contains several new features, mostly work on details.
It fixes many bugs and provides the following improvements:
- detached legends
- detached colorbars
- ybar (and similar plots) can now be mixed with other plot types
  like line plots.
- improved legend formatting
- added 'restrict x to domain*' which cups coordinates outside of a specified domain (same for y and z)
- Added support for linear regression
- Inline tables,
- Lots of bug fixes

The next version will make a greater step when it is stable.

Version 1.3.1 is a bugfix release containing
- improved parametric plots with gnuplot
- improved normalsize, small and footnotesize scale styles and added tiny
- a lot of bugfixes

- improvements for two dimensional visualization, among them
	- axis equal,
	- color bars,
	- nodes near coords,
	- jumps in plots,
	- improved description positioning,
	- reverseable axis directions,
	- simpler alignment of adjacent axes,
	- units and a simplified user interface,
- new three dimensional line, scatter, mesh and surface plots,
- a copy of the automatic pdf externalization library,
- an improved manual enhanced with a lot of pdf cross references.

- fixed a problem with the samples key,
- provides some smaller fixes and some manual improvements.
- added plot graphics.

- completely rewritten math expression parser with extended data range,
- colormaps for scatter plots
- fine tuning for plot parameters.
- table package has been extended and is now a fully featured table typesetting, computing and postprocessing tool.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (16.8M).

pgfplots – Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions

PGFPlots draws high-quality function plots in normal or logarithmic scaling with a user-friendly interface directly in . The user supplies axis labels, legend entries and the plot coordinates for one or more plots and PGFPlots applies axis scaling, computes any logarithms and axis ticks and draws the plots, supporting line plots, scatter plots, piecewise constant plots, bar plots, area plots, mesh-- and surface plots and some more.

Pgfplots is based on PGF/TikZ (PGF); it runs equally for //Cont.

Home pagehttp://pgfplots.sourceforge.net/
Bug trackerhttps://github.com/pgf-tikz/pgfplots/issues
Version1.18.1 2021-05-17
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3 or newer
Copyright2007–2021 Christian Feuersänger
MaintainerChristian Feuersänger
TDS archivepgfplots.tds.zip
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MiKTeX as pgfplots
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