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The tikzsymbols package v4.12a (2021/12/14) contains symbols created using tikz.

This package provides:

  • various emoticons
  • cooking symbols
  • trees
  • other symbols (e.g. Penrose-Triangle (Triban), chair, coffeecup, etc.)
  • some tools to create your own tikzsymbol


See documentation


  • v1.6 Several bugs fixed and some options added.
  • v1.7 New symbols and some bugs fixed
  • v2.0
    • Bug fixed, now option tree=on/off is working again,
    • new symbols: \Triban, improved BasicTree code.
    • New option: marvsoym (see documentation for more details).
  • v2.2
    • Included \@ifpackageloaded, now symbols can have negative scale,
    • Did something else, I can't remember.
  • v2.25 Changed some code
  • v2.5
    • New option: draftabsolute (symbols are replaced by text and LateX becomes faster again). Changed manual a bit.
  • v3.0
    • Symbols are stored inside a save-box and are used via \usebox,
    • New option: draft=absolute (old option is still useable, but obsolete),
    • Changed output of draft=absolute,
    • New option: prefix=<prefix>, adds a <prefix> to all commands,
    • New option: usebox=true/false If false the symbols aren't stored inside a box,
    • See manual for more changes.
  • v3.0a New cooking-symbols: \grater, \bottle
  • v3.0b Deleted some non-ASCII characters.
  • v3.0g
    • Removed a bug caused by me messing up with commands.
    • Removed package calc and replaced \setlength with \pgfmathsetlength
    • Reworked some code of the symbols.
    • Did not change the manual.
  • v3.0h Created a bug in the process of fixing the last bug, added the forgotten \fi.
  • v3.01alpha Copied the 2e code and started rewriting the code in 3.
  • v3.38 Nearly finished rewriting.
  • v3.40 Now everything is coded in 3.
  • v3.40-v3.95 Various fixes and changes.
  • v3.95 New emoticon \(d)Changey.
  • v4.0 Finished reworking the code.
  • v4.01
    • Added a known problem to the documentation.
    • New Symbol: \rollingpin (and of course the german equivalent \Nudelholz)
  • v4.02
    • Added option baseline=true/false to fix a bug occurring with todonotes
    • New Symbols: \cChangey and \dcChangey
  • v4.06
    • New Emoticon: \(d)Sleepey.
    • New Emoticon: \SchrodingersCat.
    • New option: global-scale.
    • New option: symbol-scale.
    • \tikzsymbolsset now raises a warning if a load-time option is used.
    • Some minor fixes.
  • v4.07 Option usebox is now usable during the document.
  • v4.10
    • Added FAQ.
    • All files are now derived from the .dtx file.
    • New option: append-style.
    • New option: remember-picture.
    • Internal change: baseline.
    • Deleted invisible sign.
    • New symbolpair: \Knoblauchpresse and \garlicpress.
    • Option draft and final now set the internal draft boolean locally.
    • Reworked sizes of the plain vanilla draft boxes.
  • v4.10a Bugfix: Forgot to remove colors from \Strichmaxerl
  • v4.10b Bugfix: Replace deprecated \c_zero by 0
  • v4.10c Bugfix: Added dimension to xshift and yshift for \Fire, \Candle and \(d)Laughey
  • v4.12
    • New (public) command to define symbols: \tikzsymbolsdefinesymbol
    • Some other auxiliary functions \tikzsymbolsprovideandusesavebox, \tikzsymbolssetscaleabs, \tikzsymbolsscaleabs.
    • Continuing with \tikzsymbols_create_draftbox:nn, \tikzsymbols_create_squared_draftbox:n and \l_tikzsymbols_if_opt_draft_bool
    • New symbols: \Heart and \dHeart
    • New symbol: \Maskey
  • v4.12a
    • Fixing final option.


  • expl3 & xparse
  • tikz
  • xcolor
  • xspace
  • l3keys2e

This file contains

  • tikzsymbols.pdf
  • tikzsymbols.dtx
  • tikzsymbols.ins


This material is subject to the LATEX Project Public License 1.3c. See


for the details of that license.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (615.7k).

tikzsymbols – Some symbols created using TikZ

The package provides various emoticons, cooking symbols and trees.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2013–2021 Ben Vitecek
MaintainerBen Vitecek
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