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pst2pdf – Running a PSTricks document with pdflatex

Release v0.19 [2020-08-17]


pst2pdf is a Perl script which isolates all PostScript or PSTricks related parts of the document, read all postscript, pspicture, psgraph and PSTexample environments, extract source code in standalone files and converting them into image format (default pdf). Create new file with all extracted environments converted to \includegraphics and runs (pdf/xe/lua)latex.


pst2pdf.pl [<options>] <texfile>[.tex|.ltx]


pst2pdf.pl <texfile>[.tex|.ltx] [<options>]

Relative or absolute paths for directories and files is not supported. Options that accept a value require either a blank space or = between the option and the value. Some short options can be bundling.

If used without [<options>] the extracted environments are converted to pdf image format and saved in the ./images directory using latex>dvips>ps2pdf and preview package to process <texfile> and pdflatex to process the output file <texfile-pdf>.


The pspicture environment can be nested, the postscript one NOT! pspicture can be inside of a postscript environment, but not vice versa.


The postscript environment should be used for all other PostScript related commands, which are not part of a pspicture environment, e.g. nodes inside normal text or \psset{...} outside of environment.


The script pst2pdf is present in TeXLive and MiKTeX, use the package manager to install.

For manual installation, download pst2pdf.zip and unzip it and move all files to appropriate locations:

  pst2pdf-doc.pdf    -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/pst2pdf-doc.pdf
  pst2pdf-doc.tex    -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/pst2pdf-doc.tex
  pst2pdf-doc.bib    -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/pst2pdf-doc.bib
  test1.tex          -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test1.tex
  test2.tex          -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test2.tex
  test3.tex          -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test3.tex
  test1-pdf.tex      -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test1-pdf.pdf
  test2-pdf.tex      -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test2-pdf.pdf
  test3-pdf.tex      -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/test3-pdf.pdf
  tux.jpg            -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/tux.jpg
  README.md          -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/README.md
  Changes            -> TDS:doc/support/pst2pdf/Changes
  pst2pdf.pl         -> TDS:scripts/pst2pdf/pst2pdf.pl


For more documentation use:

$ pst2pdf --help


$ texdoc pst2pdf

To reproduce the documentation run xelatex pst2pdf-doc.tex.


Copyright 2013 - 2020 by Herbert Voss <hvoss@tug.org> and Pablo González L <pablgonz@yahoo.com>.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (510.4k).

pst2pdf – A script to compile PSTricks documents via pdf

The script extracts the preamble of the document and runs all

\begin{pspicture}...\end{pspicture} and

separately through with the same preamble as the original document; thus it creates EPS, PNG and PDF files of these snippets. In a final pdf run the script replaces the environments with \includegraphics to include the processed snippets.

Detail documentation is acquired from the document itself via Perldoc.

LicensesGNU General Public License, version 2
Copyright2011–2020 Herbert Voß and Pablo González
MaintainerPablo González Luengo
Herbert Voß
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