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This is an introductory document on ConTeXt (www.pragma-ade.nl) frequently used commands written by Corsair <chris.corsair@gmail.com>. 

In the beginning of the ConTEXt manual (see cont-eni.pdf on ConTeXt official site), Hans Hagen listed ten groups of them which are considered most frequently used,  and this short document tries to explain these commands in detail.
1. \starttext, stoptext 
2. \chapter, \section, \title, \subject, \setuphead, \completecontent 
3. \em, \bf, \cap 
4. \startitemize, \stopitemize, \item, \head 
5. \abbreviation, \infull, \completelistofabbreviations 
6. \placefigure, \externalfigure, \useexternalfigures 
7. \placetable, \starttable, \stoptable 
8. \definedescription, \defineenumeration 
9. \index, \completeindex 
10. \setuplayout, \setupfootertexts, \setupheadertexts 

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context-top-ten – The "top ten" Cont commands

This is an introductory document on Cont. In the beginning of the Cont manual, Hans Hagen lists the ten most frequently used groups of commands. This short document explains these commands in some detail; it is structured as a presentation.

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