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The files in this directoty are all the examples 
from the book "Mathematiksatz mit LaTeX", 
which is available at Lehmanns online bookstore 
http://www.lob.de (ISBN 978-3-86541-485-4).
Members of DANTE, the german TeX Users Group,
write to office@dante.de and ask for the special 

All examples are full working documents, which 
needs one of the special test class files, also 
part of this directory. You can also use another
documentclass, but then you have to delete the 
following two lines:

Herbert Voß (herbert@dante.de) 2014-02-15

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (15.7M).

mathesatz-examples – Examples from the book "Mathematiksatz mit "

The bundle all the examples from the extended German version of the well-established Math mode, named “Mathematiksatz mit ”, available as a book and published in the DANTE Edition series.

A PDF version of each of the (many) examples in the directory is provided.

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