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                               The LaTeX Brochure

   This is the most recent version (Jan 2013) of the publicity flyer for
   LaTeX that I showed at the TUG meeting in Delaware in 2001. It is
   designed for printing on A3 paper, double-sided, and folding once to
   A4. This version includes a copy for Ledger paper (two Letter pages

                         Front and back
                         Front and back Inside pages
                                        Inside pages

   If you have been maintaining a mirror or other copy of this document,
   please update it with this version.


   This is free documentation, issued under the [1]LaTeX Project Public


   Source code
   [2]brochure.tex                 24K LaTeX source
   [3]brochure.sty                4.3K LaTeX styles
   [4]brochure.bib                3.0K BiBTeX file
   [5]brochure.pdf                1.2M PDF output
   [6]brochure-a3folderFB.pdf     1.6M A3 Front and back (PDF)
   [7]brochure-a3folderIN.pdf     355K A3 Inside pages (PDF)
   [8]brochure-ledgerfolderFB.pdf 1.7M Ledger Front and back (PDF)
   [9]brochure-ledgerfolderIN.pdf 356K Ledger Inside pages (PDF)
   [10]diagram-crop.eps           115K Graph diagram (EPS)
   [11]diagram-crop.pdf            11K Graph diagram (PDF)
   [12]fullscreen.eps             1.6M Production screenshot (EPS)
   [13]fullscreen.pdf             572K Production screenshot (PDF)
   [14]sample-crop.eps            491K Font sampler (EPS)
   [15]sample-crop.pdf            241K Font sampler (PDF)
   [16]typo.eps                    35K Fake woodcut (EPS)
   [17]typo.png                    16K Fake woodcut (PDF)

   The fake woodcut has been degraded as I do not have permission to
   distribute the original.

    Peter Flynn


   1. http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html
   2. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure.tex
   3. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure.sty
   4. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure.bib
   5. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure.pdf
   6. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure-a3folderFB.pdf
   7. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure-a3folderIN.pdf
   8. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure-ledgerfolderFB.pdf
   9. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/brochure-ledgerfolderIN.pdf
  10. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/diagram-crop.eps
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  12. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/fullscreen.eps
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  15. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/sample-crop.pdf
  16. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/typo-degraded.eps
  17. file://localhost/home/peter/texmf/dev/brochure/typo-degraded.png

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (8.5M).

-brochure – A publicity flyer for

The document is designed as a publicity flyer for , but also serves as an interesting showcase of what can do.

The flyer is designed for printing, double-sided, on A3 paper, which would then be folded once.

Version 2013-01-22
LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerPeter Flynn
Contained inTeX Live as latex-brochure
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