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Directory macros/generic/docbytex

Seznam soubor�

docby.tex    ... makro DocBy.TeX
docby.pdf    ... dokumentace (�esky)
docby-e.pdf  ... dokumentace (anglicky)
docby.d      ... zdrojov� soubor dokumentace, zpracujte: pdfcsplain docby.d
docby-e.d    ... zdrojov� soubor anglick� dokumentace: pdfcsplain docby-e.d
cosi.c       ... uk�zka, kter� se na��t� p�i zpracov�n� dokumentace
main.c, win.c, base.c           ... uk�zkov� program lup (sp�e torzo programu)
lup.tex, main.d, win.d, base.d  ... uk�zkov� dokumentace programu lup
lup.pdf                         ... v�stup uk�zkov� dokumentace
annonce      ... co jsem psal do listu cstex
README       ... tento soubor
docbytex.zip ... archiv vsech soubor� zde zm�n�n�ch

Licence k bal��ku DocbyTeX

Se soubory z bal��ku DocBy.TeX si m��ete bez omezen� d�lat 
co chcete. Bude-li se v�m makro jevit u�ite�n�, m��ete pot�it 
autora informac� o tom. Na makro nen� poskytov�na ��dn� z�ruka.


List of files

docby.tex    ... the macro DocBy.TeX
docby-e.pdf  ... the documentation (in English)
docby.pdf    ... the documentation (in Czech)
docby-e.d    ... the source of the documentation, do: pdfcsplain docby-e.d
docby.d      ... the source of the documentation, do: pdfcsplain docby.d
cosi.c       ... an example used in documentation
main.c, win.c, base.c           ... the expample program lup (a part of program)
lup.tex, main.d, win.d, base.d  ... the source of documentation of program lup
lup.pdf                         ... the output of documentation of program lup
annonce      ... the text sent to cstex list
README       ... this file
docbytex.zip ... the archive of all files mentioned here

License to DocBy.TeX package

You can do anything with the files from DocBy.TeX package without 
any limit. If the macro will be usable for you, you can tell the author 
about it. There is no warranty for this macro.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.3M).

docbytex – Creating documentation from source code

The package creates documentation from C source code, or other programming languages.

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Version 2011-03-01
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright2014 Petr Olšák
MaintainerPetr Olšák
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