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This class modifies the standard report class to meet the requirements
of the Australian Defence Force Academy (a college of the University
of New South Wales) as given in the `University College Handbook'.
This class is ultimately derived from the old suthesis style.

The main changes in this class are firstly to use space and a half
interline spacing, except in footnote, figure and table environments
where normal spacing is used.  Secondly the chapter and section
headings are changed to be less `shouting' than the standard LaTeX
designs.  Thirdly less profligate use was made of vertical spacing.
There is more information in a short document appended to the end of
adfathesis.cls (I have not progressed to using a .dtx).

Since two sided theses are now accepted for theses, I used the
adfathesis class with the following options:


As supplied adfathesis automatically uses the Harvard package and the
supplied `adfathesis.bst' is designed to work with the Harvard
package.  If you wish to use a different bst, such as `plain.bst',
this will not be appropriate.  There is a class option `normalbib'
which stops the automatic use of the Harvard package, and hence allows
use of either the standard LaTeX bibliography style or an alternative

Version 2.3

Changes: \cleardoublepage modified to ensure that blank pages use the
empty pagestyle (from the fancyhdr documentation).  Changes to default
penalty values affecting widows/orphans, following suggestions in a
post by Michael Downs on comp.text.tex.  The table and table*
environments are defined to automatically swap the settings for
abovecaptionskip and belowcaptionskip, so table captions have the
correct spacing when above the table.

Version 2.4

Changes: added an option `honours' that changes the titlepage to one
more appropriate to a Honours report.  For this option you should set
\degreetype in the preamble to the appropriate faculty, it defaults to
`Science'.  Improved vertical spacing around chapter headings.

The files supplied are as follows:


Version 2.5

Changes: modified to use docstrip.  No other changes were made.

Stephen Harker  sjh@ph.adfa.edu.au

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (148.4k).

adfathesis – Australian Defence Force Academy thesis format

The bundle includes a style file.

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MaintainerStephen Harker
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