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biblatex-ext - Extended biblatex standard styles

The biblatex-ext bundle provides styles that slightly extend the standard styles that ship with biblatex. The styles offered in this bundle provide a simple interface to change some of the stylistic decisions made in the standard styles. At the same time they stay as close to their standard counterparts as possible, so that most customisation methods can be applied here as well.

The main motivation was to offer biblatex styles that place the editor of @incollection works before the booktitle, yet remain close to the standard styles in overall look and feel and customisability. The code adjustments required for this are not particularly complicated once you get the hang of it, but a stable and clean solution requires a rewrite of the bibliography driver, easily amassing hundred lines of code in the preamble. Some contributed styles already place the editor before the booktitle (biblatex-apa comes to mind), but you may not want to buy into all the other changes that come with choosing one of them. Styles written for the sole purpose of following a particular style guide are not always easily modified and may have to go to great lengths to implement the requirements of the style guide. The styles of this bundle are intended to be a solid base for further customisations.

biblatex-ext has an extended version ext-<style> for each of biblatex's standard styles. The bundle consists of the following files

  • The base file ext-standard.bbx
  • The auxiliary file ext-biblatex-aux.def
  • The alphabetic style family
    • ext-alphabetic.bbx and ext-alphabetic.cbx
    • ext-alphabetic-verb.bbx and ext-alphabetic-verb.cbx
  • The authornumber style family
    • ext-authornumber.bbx and ext-authornumber.cbx
    • ext-authornumber-comp.bbx and ext-authornumber-comp.cbx
    • ext-authornumber-ecomp.bbx and ext-authornumber-ecomp.cbx
    • ext-authornumber-terse.bbx and ext-authornumber-terse.cbx
    • ext-authornumber-tcomp.bbx and ext-authornumber-tcomp.cbx
    • ext-authornumber-tecomp.bbx and ext-authornumber-tecomp.cbx
  • The authortitle style family
    • ext-authortitle-common.bbx
    • ext-authortitle.bbx and ext-authortitle.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-comp.bbx and ext-authortitle-comp.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-ibid.bbx and ext-authortitle-ibid.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-icomp.bbx and ext-authortitle-icomp.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-terse.bbx and ext-authortitle-terse.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-tcomp.bbx and ext-authortitle-tcomp.cbx
    • ext-authortitle-ticomp.bbx and ext-authortitle-ticomp.cbx
  • The authoryear/authortitle helper file ext-dashed-common.bbx
  • The authoryear style family
    • ext-authoryear-common.bbx
    • ext-authoryear.bbx and ext-authoryear.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-comp.bbx and ext-authoryear-comp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-ecomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-ecomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-ibid.bbx and ext-authoryear-ibid.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-icomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-icomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-iecomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-iecomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-terse.bbx and ext-authoryear-terse.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-tcomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-tcomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-tecomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-tecomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-ticomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-ticomp.cbx
    • ext-authoryear-tiecomp.bbx and ext-authoryear-tiecomp.cbx
  • The numeric style family
    • ext-numeric.bbx and ext-numeric.cbx
    • ext-numeric-comp.bbx and ext-numeric-comp.cbx
    • ext-numeric-verb.bbx and ext-numeric-verb.cbx
  • The verbose style family
    • ext-verbose-common.cbx and ext-verbose-note-common.cbx
    • ext-verbose.bbx and ext-verbose.cbx
    • ext-verbose-ibid.bbx and ext-verbose-ibid.cbx
    • ext-verbose-note.bbx and ext-verbose-note.cbx
    • ext-verbose-inote.bbx and ext-verbose-inote.cbx
    • ext-verbose-trad1.bbx and ext-verbose-trad1.cbx
    • ext-verbose-trad2.bbx and ext-verbose-trad2.cbx
    • ext-verbose-trad3.bbx and ext-verbose-trad3.cbx
  • The package for tabular bibliographies biblatex-ext-tabular.sty
  • The package biblatex-ext-oa.sty
    • The support package biblatex-ext-oa-doiapi.sty
      • The Lua module blxextdoiapi.lua
    • The pict2e symbol package biblatex-ext-oasymb-pict2e.sty
    • The TikZ symbol package biblatex-ext-oasymb-tikz.sty
    • The l3draw symbol package biblatex-ext-oasymb-l3draw.sty

All of these files (including blxextdoiapi.lua) are runtime files that need to be installed where can find them. It is highly recommended to install this bundle via your distribution and not manually. See the documentation for more installation instructions.


Copyright 2017-2024 Moritz Wemheuer

This work consists of the .bbx, .cbx, .def, .sty and .lua files mentioned above.

This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the Project Public License (LPPL), either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version. The latest version of this license is at http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of version 2005/12/01 or later.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status 'maintained'.

The Current Maintainer of the work is Moritz Wemheuer <mwemheu@posteo.de>.

The files README.md, CHANGES.md, biblatex-ext.pdf, biblatex-ext.tex and biblatex-ext-examples.bib in their entirety need not be considered part of the work for the purpose of the complete distribution clause of the LPPL (v1.3c, Clause 2). All conditions of the LPPL still apply to these files as well, in particular the files are provided 'as is' with no warranty. So each of the files can be considered as a separate work licensed under the LPPL, if you will. This means that you may distribute the bundle without documentation (or the documentation without the rest of the bundle). It is, however, strongly advised that at least README.md and the PDF version of the documentation, biblatex-ext.pdf, are supplied alongside the work.

Please report bugs at https://github.com/moewew/biblatex-ext or via email. Suggestions for improvements and feature request are also very welcome.

The bundle is available on CTAN https://www.ctan.org/pkg/biblatex-ext and is included in Mik and live 2018 or later. The development version can be found on GitHub https://github.com/moewew/biblatex-ext

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (975.0k).

biblatex-ext – Extended Bib standard styles

The Bib-ext bundle provides styles that slightly extend the standard styles that ship with Bib. The styles offered in this bundle provide a simple interface to change some of the stylistic decisions made in the standard styles. At the same time they stay as close to their standard counterparts as possible, so that most customisation methods can be applied here as well.

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Version0.18 2024-03-24
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2017–2024 Moritz Wemheuer
MaintainerMoritz Wemheuer
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