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style for automated creation of numeric chemical labels for scientific documents.

For documentation run

latex chemsec.dtx

To generate style file run

latex chemsec.ins

The style file in this directory should always be identical to the file generated by latex chemsec.ins


Several examples accompany the CTAN package in the chemsec directory. You can compile these by processing the files twice using a latex program.

<latex command> example1
<latex command> example1

If you obtain the package from the GitHub repository you can run the examples by changing to the test subdirectory and using the supplied makefile. For example to process the example1.tex file use:

make clean example1

or make LATEX=latex clean example1

if you want to use a latex program other than pdflatex.


  • The examples use the chemsec.sty file in the base

directory, this is not updated by the make program.

  • The make program copies the example latex files and the

style file into the test directory. Dependency tracking should keep these up to date.

  • The clean target should remove everything but the

makefile from the test directory.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (259.7k).

chemsec – Automated creation of numeric entity labels

Packages provides creation of sequential numeric labels for entities in a document. The motivating example is chemical structures in a scientific document. The package can automatically output a full object name and label on the first occurence in the document and just labels only on subsequent references.

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