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ELTE FI bachelor and master thesis template

The elteikthesisen.tex and the produced elteikthesisen.pdf serves as an example of usage. This class template enforces the required formatting rules for bachelor and master theses and generates the cover page given on the provided metadata. The chapters of the example document follows the typical structure of a BSc thesis. The formatting rules are defined to meet the requirements for theses submitted at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics (Budapest, Hungary). However with sufficient modifications the template should be usable at other universities, too.

The template contains configuration both for single and double sided printing (see twoside option), by default it is set to the recommended single side format. The template supports producing both Hungarian and English theses, which can be easily controlled (see \documentlang command).


# Generate elteikthesis_en.aux file
# (PDF file contains incorrect references yet)
pdflatex elteikthesis_en.tex
# Generate bibliography
bibtex elteikthesis_en
# Generate nomenclature (optional)
makeindex -s nomencl.ist -t elteikthesis_en.nlg \
  -o elteikthesis_en.nls elteikthesis_en.nlo
# Generate final PDF file
pdflatex elteikthesis_en.tex
pdflatex elteikthesis_en.tex

Note: in case the bibliography changes, executing bibtex, then pdflatex twice is required to generate to correct references in the PDF output.

Compilation might be carried out through a preferred IDE (e.g. TexStudio), given the same commands should be executed.

Syntax highlighting of code blocks

The minted package is also supported for syntax highlighting. For its usage the Python interpreter and the Pygments package must be installed as a prerequisite. See the elteikthesis_minted.tex file for example and this documentation.


Overleaf is a free, easy to use online, collaborative editor; similar like e.g. Google Docs, but for LateX documents. You can also find the latest release of this ELTE FI bachelor and master thesis template on Overleaf.

Required packages (without completeness)

Image handling:

Table management:


Mathematical formulas and algorithms:


Predefined theorem-like environments

  • definition
  • theorem
  • remark
  • note

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.4M).

elteikthesis – Thesis template for Eötvös Loránd University (Informatics)

This package provides a Bachelor and Master thesis template for the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics (Budapest, Hungary).

The template supports producing both Hungarian and English theses.

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