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Foliono is a package that replaces page numbering with medieval and
early modern folio numbering.
Folio numbering was used before modern page numbering convention came
to use. In its basic form only every other page has a number and it
has two parts: the quire number and the folio number inside the quire.
A quire or a gathering is a collection of sheets that are bound into
the book as one unit. For example, if a book has four-sheet quires,
then each quire will have 16 modern pages and the folio 'B 1'
corresponds to the modern page 17 and 'B 2' to page 19.

The foliono package has direct support for several different folio
numbering conventions that were used in books before the 19th century.
The package works best in conjunction with fancyhdr and fontspec, but
it can be used without them.

This package is distributed under the Latex Project Public License

Tommi Syrjänen

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (250.0k).

foliono – Use folio numbers to replace page numbers

This package adds functionality to create several styles of folio numbers. Folio numbering preceded the modern page numbering convention and was in common use until the 18th century. In folio numbering the numbers are placed only on odd (right-side) pages and the numbers typically comprise of two parts: quire and folio numbers.

The intended use for this package is to help creating old-style books.

Version1.000 2021-03-25
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2021 Tommy Syrjänen
MaintainerTommi Syrjänen
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