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A documentclass for lecture notes.


Including the document class

You can include the document class lectures as follows:


To specify a particular language (currently supported just italian and english) you can do the following:


Title page

One of the main features of the library is the provided title page. You can create it as follows:

      Your title
      First author name,Second author name
      First professor name,Second professor name
      Parlo Parloni,Parletti Parini
      CFU of the course
      University name



Silenced useless warnings

Using the package silence the library silences the following warnings:

  • latex
    • You have requested package
      • There were undefined references
      • Command
  • latexfont
    • Size substitutions with differences
      • Font shape
  • biblatex
    • Using fall-back (8)
      • Please (re)run on the file(s)
  • auxhook
    • Cannot patch
  • glossaries
    • No printglossary or printglossaries found.

Float related gimmicks

All floating objects are automatically centered and set to H as position with other objects.

Table related gimmicks


A new column type is given L, that allows for automatic mathmode in column.

TODO: Add usage example!

Theorems related gimmicks

All theorems are in definition style, meaning that they are not in italic.

Proofs are treated as theorem environments.

The following theorem-like environments are provided:

  • theorem
  • corollary
  • lemma
  • proposition
  • observation
  • definition
  • complexity
  • property
  • problem
  • proof

Lists related gimmicks

  • Lists are built to be more compact and leave less blank space.
  • Using the environment todolist it is possible to create checklists.

TODO: Add todolist example.

Additional gimmicks

  • When a page is empty, Latex won't generate page number or other page elements.
  • When you want to leave a blank line you can just leave a blank line, without adding \\.
  • If you'd like to use roman numerals there a command for that: \rom{your number goes here}.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (8.6k).

lectures – A document class for quickly drafting nice looking lecture notes

This documentclass provides a number of gimmicks to draft nice looking lecture notes, such as a number of theorem environments, automatic spacing and alignment of figures and much more. More information is available in the package readme.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/LucaCappelletti94/lectures/issues
Version1.0.5 2019-01-27
LicensesMIT License
Copyright2019 Luca Cappelletti
MaintainerLuca Cappelletti
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