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  LHCYR 1.0 (c) 1998 V.V.Zhytnikov (vvzhy@td.lpi.ac.ru)
  The LaTeX 2e styles for Russian typesetting in bilingual environment
  Available at CTAN:/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/lhcyr
  Main CTAN sites:  ctan.tug.org,  ftp.dante.de,  ftp.tex.ac.uk

  This package is free. You may modify and use it for whatever
  purpose you want. But you are not allowed to redistribute modified
  version under the same name.


      1. General Features
      2. Fonts
      3. Hyphenation Tables


     The LHCYR collection consists of three different styles
     lhcyralt, lhcyrwin and lhcyrkoi.  They are completely
     analogous but intended for typesetting Russian in the
     Alternative (codepage 866), Windows (codepage 1251) and
     KOI-8 encodings respectively. Each style resides in
     separate directory.

     Styles of the LHCYR collection are intended for typesetting
     Russian language or bilingual English-Russian documents.
     All styles are based on the standard cm-fonts and lh-cyrillic

     The LHCYR styles do not use language switching mechanism and allow
     to mix English and Russian words providing correct hyphenation
     and kerning for both languages simultaneously.

     Modern Russian hyphenation patterns are included. We provide
     detailed installation instruction for emTeX (lhcyralt and lhcyrwin)
     and teTeX (lhcyrkoi). It seems that installation for MikTeX
     (Windows 95/98/NT) should be quite similar to teTeX's one.

  2. FONTS

     There exist several Russian TeX fonts distributions. At present
     the best fonts are provided by the lh-fonts package. I strongly
     recommend them due to several reasons:

       (1) The fonts are of quite good quality.
       (2) The fonts are supported and maintainers constantly
           improve them.
       (3) The font set is complete. Lh-fonts contain analogous to all
           standard cm or ec Latin text font shapes -- roman,
           typewriter, small caps etc.
       (4) Due to flexible design lh-fonts allow creation of Russian
           fonts in various encodings from same metafont sources.
       (5) Finally the fonts contains not only Russian characters.
           They covers almost all existing Cyrillic-alphabet languages
           as well.

     Lh-fonts are available at
       CTAN: /tex-archive/fonts/cyrillic/lh
     or at
       ftp:  ftp.vsu.ru/pub/tex


     For a quite long time the only TeX hyphenation patterns for
     Russian language where ones provided by Dmitri Vulis.

     Recently Andrei Slepukhin created a new hyphenation tables.
     These patterns follow strict Russian hyphenation rules.
     The are available at
       CTAN: /tex-archive/language/hyphenation/ruhyphen/
     or at
       ftp:  forest.nmd.msu.ru/pub/tex/hyphenation

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (76.9k).

lhcyr – A non-standard Cyrillic input scheme

A collection of three 2e styles intended for typesetting Russian and bilingual English-Russian documents, using the lh fonts and without the benefit of babel's language-switching mechanisms.

The packages (lhcyralt and lhcyrwin for use under em, and lhcyrkoi for use under ) provide mappings between the input encoding and the font encoding (which is described as OT1). The way this is done does not match the way inputenc would do the job, for output via fontenc to one of the T2 series of font encodings.

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerVadim V. Zhytnikov
Contained inTeX Live as lhcyr
MiKTeX as lhcyr
TopicsFont support
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