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The makeglos package

makeglos is a LaTeX package to include a glossary into a document.
The glossary must be prepared by an external program, like xindy or


* Can be easily configured: various aspects of the appearance of the
  glossary can be changed by a simple \renewcommand.

* Multi-language capability: certain keywords, like the name of the
  glossary, can be made language-dependent.

* Flexible: works equally well for document classes with a book- or
  report-like structure (divided into \chapters) and for article-like
  documents, like the documentation for the makeglos package (based on
* Equivalent: makeglos is to glossaries what makeidx is to indices.


makeglos.sty     LaTeX style file
makeglos.pdf     The makeglos documentation
makeglos.tex     The LaTex source of the documentation
makeglos.glo     Glossary for documentation written by LaTeX run
makeglos.gls     File which contains the formatted glossary environment
makeglos.xdy     Style file for xindy to process the glossary
README.makeglos  This file

Thomas Henlich (thenlich at arcor dot de)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (11.3k).

makeglos – Include a glossary into a document

The package provides the means to include a glossary into a document. The glossary is prepared by an external program, such as xindy or makeindex, in the same way that an index is made.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerThomas Henlich
Contained inTeX Live as makeglos
MiKTeX as makeglos
See alsonomencl
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