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                            M D W F O N T S


--- Licence note ---

mdwfonts package release note
Copyright (c) 1996 Mark Wooding

These programs are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify
them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

These programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with these programs; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

--- What it's all about ---

This is a LaTeX package and some various font bits which allow configurable
fonts in documents, provide a `squashed' Courier font (inlcuding the bits
David Carlisle left out of pslatex) and some maths support for Palatino.

--- Licencing ---

The packages are made available under the GNU General Public Licence (not the
usual LaTeX agreement).  A copy of this licence is supplied in the file
COPYING.  You should read this document if you haven't read it already, even
if it's just for educational value.  I'm not actually sure how good a thing
the GNU GPL actually is, so I'm sort of testing the water.  The idea that
this is how all software should be distributed still fills me with a certain
amount of trepidation.

--- What's in the box ---

You should have received the following files in whatever sort of archive
thing this suite came in:

  README        -- You've got this file for sure, because it's this one
  COPYING       -- A textual version of the GNU General Public Licence
  mdwfonts.dtx	-- Documentation and code for `mdwfonts.sty', the `.fd'
		   files, and a whole lot of other stuff
  mdwfonts.ins	-- Installation script for the packages
  gpl.tex	-- LaTeX version of the GNU General Public Licence

If you're missing any of these files, complain at whoever gave the rest of
them to you, and get them quickly.  You /should/ also have a large collection
of `.tfm' and `.vf' files:

  pcrb7tn.tfm   pcrbo7tn.tfm  pcrr8rn.tfm   pcrro8rn.tfm  pzcmi8r.tfm
  pcrb8a.tfm    pcrbo8a.tfm   pcrr8tn.tfm   pcrro8tn.tfm  zpplcmr.tfm
  pcrb8rn.tfm   pcrbo8rn.tfm  pcrrc7tn.tfm  pplr8r.tfm    zpplcmrm.tfm
  pcrb8tn.tfm   pcrbo8tn.tfm  pcrrc8tn.tfm  pplri8r.tfm   zpsycmrv.tfm
  pcrbc7tn.tfm  pcrr7tn.tfm   pcrro7tn.tfm  psyr.tfm      zpzccmry.tfm
  pcrbc8tn.tfm  pcrr8a.tfm    pcrro8a.tfm

  pcrb7tn.vf    pcrbo7tn.vf   pcrr8tn.vf    pcrro7tn.vf   zpplcmrm.vf
  pcrb8tn.vf    pcrbo8tn.vf   pcrrc7tn.vf   pcrro8tn.vf   zpsycmrv.vf
  pcrbc7tn.vf   pcrr7tn.vf    pcrrc8tn.vf   zpplcmr.vf    zpzccmry.vf

If you don't have these, then strictly speaking you can generate them given
the above sources and fontinst.sty, but I found this ever so fiddly, and I
recommend strongly that nobody else try unless they're feeling really brave.

Finally, you may be lucky and have some extra files:

  mdwfonts.sty	-- Unpacked `mdwfonts.sty' package
  OMLpplcm.fd, OMSpzccm.fd, OMXpsycm.fd, OT1pplcm.fd and mTTpcr.fd
		-- Font description files for LaTeX
  mdwfonts.dvi	-- Typeset documentation for the system

If you've already got these, then great, because you don't have to generate
them.  If you haven't, it's not a big deal.  You might also have a bunch of
files with extensions like `.log', `.aux', `.tmp', `.ilg' and so on.  These
files are really not at all interesting, and you might as well get rid of
them now.

--- Extracting the packages ---

If you don't have the various .sty files already, you'll need to extract them
from the .dtx files.  This requires docstrip.tex, which should be part of
your base LaTeX 2e distribution.  If you have docstrip vsersion 2.3d, which
is available with the December 1995 release of LaTeX, things will go rather
faster.  If your LaTeX release is much older than this, you should upgrade,
because the packages need a fairly new LaTeX anyway.  (I could do something
about this, but I won't, because I want to encourage everyone to upgrade.)

If everything's set up correctly, all you should need to do is say

  tex mdwfonts.ins


  latex mdwfonts.ins

or whatever incantation is necessary to run TeX or LaTeX on the supplied
`mdwfonts.ins' file on your system.

TeX will grind away at the files for a bit, and then say `Done' at you. (This
could take a while, so be patient.)  You will then have a mdwfonts.log file,
which you can throw away, and a collection of sparkly new files.  Now the
installation can really begin.

--- Installing all the files ---

The package comes with a large number of miscellaneous font files.  They
ought to be placed in appropriate directories where TeX and/or other programs
can find them.  Exactly where this will be depends heavily on your
installation: try looking for the other fonts and put these with them.  The
various extensions for the font files are:

`.tfm' is a TeX Font Metric file, needed by TeX.
`.vf' is a virtual font description file, needed by DVI-drivers.
`.fd' is a font description file, required by LaTeX.

You'll also need to put mdwfonts.sty somewhere where LaTeX will find
it.  What you do with the documentation file is up to you.

The various `.fd' files and mdwfonts.sty may not have been included in your
distribution.  If you don't have them, run LaTeX on `mdwfonts.ins' to build
them (see above).  I'm explicitly not giving instructions for building all
the other font files, because I'd much prefer it if they were distributed as
they are, please -- building them is a fiddly business, and I'd rather that
only I had to do it.

Once you've done all that, you must tell dvips about your new fonts, so add
the following lines to the `psfonts.map' file, unless they're already there:

  pcrb8rn Courier-Bold ".85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <pcrb8a.pfb
  pcrbo8rn Courier-BoldOblique ".85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <pcrbo8a.pfb
  pcrr8rn Courier ".85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <pcrr8a.pfb
  pcrro8rn Courier-Oblique ".85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <pcrro8a.pfb

The `pcrr8rn' line will already be in the file if you've installed the
`pslatex' package, so don't bother putting it in again.

--- Typesetting the documentation ---

If you want to typeset the documentation for the package, you'll need some
packages from the `mdwtools' distribution.  In particular, you need the
`mdwtools.tex' file, and the `syntax.sty' and `sverb.sty' packages.  You'll
also need the `mdwfonts.dtx' file for the package you want documentation on,
and all the files it generated.

Make sure you've got all the files, and then run LaTeX on mdwfonts.dtx.

TeX will start hammering away for a very short while, and then stop and ask
you whether you want to build the indexing files.  Generating index files
takes a lot longer (I'd guess that it doubled the amount of time taken to
typeset the `.dtx' file) so I don't recommend it unless:

  * you've got a very fast processor, or
  * you're very interested in how the package works internally, or
  * you just like everything to be complete, or
  * you're a masochist.

Even so, there's no point writing indexing information the first time you
run LaTeX on a file, because the table of contents hasn't been created yet,
and when you LaTeX the file the second time, all the references will change.

If you want the index files anyway, type `y' when you're asked.  Otherwise,
type 'n'.  You know you want to type `n' really...

If you want to do the job properly, you need to run LaTeX a second time
to read in the contents table.  /This/ is the correct time to turn on
indexing, if you really want it.

If you did build the index files, you should now sort the index by saying

  makeindex -s gind.ist mdwfonts.idx

The `gind.ist' file should have come with LaTeX.  Having done this, you
should run the `.dtx' file though LaTeX one final time, to insert the
formatted index.

You can now print or preview the generated `.dvi' file using whatever tools
you usually use for such things.

--- Contacting the author ---

The author can be reached by email at mdw@excessus.demon.co.uk.  This is his
personal dial-up account, paid for privately, so don't expect replies after
five minutes or anything like that.

If you do have any comments regarding the code, its documentation, or
anything else to do with these packages, don't leave me guessing -- let me
know.  While I won't guarantee to do anything about your comments, chances
are that I'll right any wrongs and rescue any damsels in distress (oh, no,
wrong spiel).


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (197.0k).

mdwfonts – A model for font manipulation

The mdwfonts bundle provides an alternative means of management and configuration of the fonts used in a document. It allows users to define a favourite collection of fonts, in a way that any document that employs the package will honour those design decisions.

In addition, the bundle provides various metrics and font sets that were not available when the bundle was developed; most of these fonts are now obsolete.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerMark Wooding
TopicsFont support
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