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% Time-stamp: <2011-04-15 09:23:35 yvon>

NONUMONPART 1 2011-04-15

NONUMONPART = NO (page) NUMber ON PART title page

A wrapper for answer to FAQ:
``How to get rid of page numbers (with \part)''

                       DESCRIPTION :                        

This bundle contains
% the package itself
% code documentation
% documentation for the final user
nonumonpart-fr.pdf % in French
nonumonpart-en.pdf % in English
% for *nix make
% sources
nonumonpart.dtx     nonumonpart.ins
% English part
README      % this file 
% French part
% TDS-compliant archive

                       COMPILATION :                        
For *nix user:
make all
to produce all the files and documentation

make clean
to erase auxiliary files

make distclean
to come back to prepublication state
Without Makefile
1. run nonumonpart.ins through LATEX (or TeX)
that produces the following files
nonumonpart-en.ltx           % English documentation
nonumonpart-fr.ltx           % French documentation
nonumonpart-tools.sty        % a package to produce the documentation
nonumonpart-code.sty         % a package to produce the documentation
nonumonpart.sty              % the package
2. to produce English documentation
   1/ run nonumonpart-en.ltx through pdflatex twice
   2/ read! 


NONUMONPART 1   2011-04-15
1st public version.

Yvon Henel, le TeXnicien de surface

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (830.9k).

nonumonpart – Prevent page numbers on part pages

The package bundles the answer to the long-standing FAQ about removing page numbers on \part pages.

The package accepts no options and defines no user commands; the user needs only to load it, and the requirement is met.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.2
Copyright2011 Yvon Henel
MaintainerYvon Henel
TDS archivenonumonpart.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as nonumonpart
MiKTeX as nonumonpart
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