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Documentation for the onrannual LaTeX package.

This class was not developed by ONR, and as such is not an "official"
document.  The Word template and documentation available from ONR is 
still the canonical reference.  The formatting requirements are fairly
simple, but not a great fit for LaTeX's default spacing and sectioning

Formatting is based on the FY09 report guidance provided by ONR at
http://www.onr.navy.mil/sci_tech/32/reports/annual (Sept 2009).  It's
likely that distribution statement D will need to change year to year,
but users should do this manually (i.e., the class won't be updated
for such changes).

If changes in overall formatting/spacing/sectioning are noted, they
should be incorporated into an updated version of the class file.
Please notify the maintainer of any inconsistency between the required
format and the output of this class.

Usage of the package is demonstrated in the file skeleton.tex
included with the class file.  For users of the standard LaTeX
classes, it should be trivial to use, since only three new commands
are provided.

A working TeX installation.  The class was developed and tested using
MacTeX 2009, but any semi-recent TeX Live or MikTeX installation should
be fine.  If you're using teTeX, you're on your own.

Usage of pdflatex is recommended, as it produces PDF directly.  However,
producing a DVI and then distilling to PDF via dvips or dvipdfm(x) is
also supported.  Standard usage to process the example .tex file at the
UNIX command line:

pdflatex skeleton
bibtex skeleton
pdflatex skeleton
pdflatex skeleton

This will vary depending on your platform.  If you use a GUI front end,
you are responsible for figuring out how to process your documents.

The mathptmx package is used to provide Times as the default text font,
which provides reasonably compatible math support.  Using XeTeX should
be possible, but it didn't give a bold title font in my testing.

LaTeX Project Public License 1.3 or (at your option) any later version.  
See http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt for the latest version.

None at this time.  Please include a minimal LaTeX file
with any bug report.

This package is maintained by adam.maxwell@pnl.gov

v1.1 2010-03-13 Bugfix release
  - Title font is now 14pt instead of 17.22pt
  - Hyperref is now required
  - Disable PDF bookmarks
  - Color hyperlinks blue
  - Changed leading to conform more closely to ONR requirements
  - Better documentation of optional and required sections
  - Added some documentation to the skeleton file
v1.0 2010-02-13 Initial release

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (177.4k).

onrannual – Class for Office of Naval Research Ocean Battlespace Sensing annual report

This is an unofficial document class for writing ONR annual reports using ; as ONR has had numerous problems with -generated PDF submissions in the past.

A skeleton document (and its PDF output) are included.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2009 Adam R. Maxwell
MaintainerAdam R. Maxwell
Contained inTeX Live as onrannual
MiKTeX as onrannual
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