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document class for making photo books.

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Install / Build

The simplest way to install is to use either Live's or MiK's standard way to install modules.

Installing from source:

# get the source...
$ git clone https://github.com/flynx/photobook.git

# if desired, install in the user context...
$ cd ./photobook
$ make install

The photobook document class requires a set of modules to be installed for it to function, the full list is included in the docs and can be printed by calling:

$ make depends

For more info on make targets see the: ./Makefile


Pre-built documentation can be found on CTAN.

A full book (dummy) example is included in ./examples/book/ and can be used as a reference / starting point.

Building documentation

Building the reference from source is done by:

$ make pdf 

Build requirements for docs:

  • tool chain (including: lualatex, latexmk, ..) The simplest way to get started is Live, either a full install or for specific modules see the Packages section in photobook.cls,
  • Un*x-like environment (bash, GNU Make, coreutils, ...), on Windows systems, either Cygwin or WSL/WSL2 should work fine.


  • The main refetence is inline with the source photobook.cls thus it is both human-readable next to the code it documents and is used to build the photobook.pdf. Extracting the documentation source (photobook*.tex) is done by make via cls2tex.sh when building the docs, see them for more info.
  • There is a bug in default captions not being typeset correctly if too long, a workaround is to place them in a minipage like this:
  • \imagecell{%
            long caption text...
  • (still working on a solution for this).
  • photobook is mostly used with lualatex, other engines are mostly supported but some features may misbehave.


Alex A. Naanou


BSD 3-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2021-2023, Alex A. Naanou, All rights reserved.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (192.4k).

photobook – A document class for typesetting photo books

The photobook document class extends the book class defining a set of parameters, meta-macros, macros and environments with reasonable defaults to help typeset, build and print books mainly based on visual/image content.

Home pagehttps://github.com/flynx/photobook
Version0.1.29 2023-08-24
Licenses3-clause BSD License
Copyright2021–2023 Alex A. Naanou
MaintainerAlex A. Naanou
Contained inTeX Live as photobook
MiKTeX as photobook
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