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Powerdot TULIP Lab Style Package ==================

powerdot-tuliplab is the latex package used in TULIP Lab for presentation drafting. It comes with several sample tex files so that you can quickly start working with it.

If you are creating a presentation using this package, you are recommended to use git to host the repository, and use git-flow to manage the collaborative writing platform for academic presentation authoring.

## I. Required Packages

You should be familiar with LaTeX, if not, you need learn it from WikiBook.

We recommend the following packages for cross platform writing:

## II. Contained Files

This package contains the following files

  1. powerdot-tuliplab.sty TULIP-Lab Style File
  2. tuliplab-P00.tex A Simple Presentation Sample with Transitions
  3. tuliplab-P01.tex One Academic Presentation Sample with References List
  4. tuliplab-P03.tex One Sample file with PSTrick figures.
  5. logos/tulip Folder of images for slides graphics.

You can use replace logos/tulip.eps, logos/tulip-wordmark.eps with your favorite images. Four alternatives are also provided in the folder for top left picture, two banner options provided.

## III. Package Installation

  1. Copy files the whole folder powerdot-tuliplab with file powerdot-tuliplab.sty and folder logos folders to your home directory under ~/texmf/tex/latex/powerdot-tuliplab; for macOS, please put it under /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex
  1. Refresh TexLive by typing the following command:
sudo texhash

For Mktex on Windows, you can run mktexlsr

  1. For compiling, you should use the chain operators LaTeX -> DVI, and then DVI -> PS, finally PS -> PDF.

## IV. Setup the Repository for Your Own Presentation Slides

Those examples provided in this package can be used as the template, and I recommend you create a new repository in your git platform, initialized with one sample tex file in this package.

  1. Customize the file name:
    • change tuliplab-P0X.tex into a suitable file name
  1. Check out the repository to local drive, and set up the local environment for gitinfo2 package:
- Download/copy those files from `https://github.com/tulip-lab/templatex/tree/develop/templatex/gitinfo`, which is the `gitinfo` folder with three executive `bash` `shell` scripts:
    *  `post-checkout`
    *  `post-commit`
    *  `post-merge`
-  Copy or move these three files into your repository's `.git/hooks` folder. 
    -  For example, if the root of your local repositories is `~/MyFancySlides`, then you can copy/move above three files to `~/MyFancySlides/.git/hooks/`.
- Test Run: check out or pull your repository, and it should generate/update the file `./git/gitHeadInfo.gin` in your local repository.
    - For example: check `~/MyFancySlides/.git/gitHeadInfo.gin`.
- Compile the main `LaTeX` file, and view the `PDF`.
  1. Happy ing!

V. Rules for Collaborative ing

You MUST follow the following rules when writing collaboratively. Otherwise, your co-author will find it impossible to work together.

III.A. Source Code

  1. Avoid ineffective modifications.
  1. Do not change line breaks without good reason.
  1. Turn off automatic line wrapping of your editor.
  1. Start each new sentence in a new line.
  1. Split long sentences into several lines so that each line has at most 80 characters.
  1. For all the marginal comments by other co-authors, you MUST responed to them using a responsive marginal comment, such as
\gangli{What is wrong here?}
\qwu{This is my response ...}
  1. If your comment has been properly addressed by co-authors, you MUST remove or comment out both the original and the response marginal comments.
  1. You can use the following code to indicate where you are updating up to:
\HRule %TODO: YourName up to here!

III. B. Repository

  1. Put only those files that are directly modified by the user under version control.
  1. Verify that your code can be compiled flawlessly before - committing your modifications to the repository.
  1. Use git-latexdiff or latediff (or git compare tools) to critically review your modifications before committing them to the repository.
  1. Add a meaningful and descriptive comment when committing your modifications to the repository.
  1. Use the git client for copying, moving, or renaming files and folders that are under revision control.
  1. Use git-flow scheme to create feature, branch, release and version of your paper. Be really careful when you are touching develop or master branch.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.6M).

powerdot-tuliplab – A style package for Powerdot to provide the design of TULIP Lab

powerdot-tuliplab is the package used in TULIP Lab for presentation drafting. It comes with several sample .tex files so that you can quickly start working with it.

Home pagehttps://github.com/tulip-lab/templatex
Bug trackerhttps://github.com/tulip-lab/templatex/issues
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2012–2018 Gang Li
MaintainerGang Li
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