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%   The Scientific Paper Package for LaTeX
%   By Ryan Aycock 
%   For use with LaTeX and pdfLaTeX
%   March 26, 2004

LaTeX has long been known as a convenient tool for writing scientific papers.  
Much to my surprise, however, there are no packages on CTAN that actually format 
scientific papers easily.  The effort seeks to correct that problem by giving 
users a simple-to-use method for distributing their work.  Notice, this package 
is not based on any particular style guide.  It will only create a generic, two 
column paper with a single column abstract at the top.


To write your own scientific papers, use the template below:



\title{Ultra Cool Title}
\author{Your Name}
\date{the date}  % Can use \today


Type your abstract here.


Type your paper as normal.  Use \cite{} for your citations.


Put your bibliography here.  Use \bibitem{} for
each of the citations used in your paper.




Some final notes:

To list more than one author or to list schools and contact information, use

\author{First author's name$^{1}$\thanks{Contact information}, % Notice the comma and space
Second author$^{2}$\\
$^{1}$\textit{First university}\\
$^{2}$\textit{Second university}}

Floating environments such as figures or tables are forbidden in the multicol environment.  
To get around this limitation, you have two options when including a figure or table:

use \begin{figurehere}... \end{figurehere} and \begin{tablehere}... \end{tablehere} 
to place a float in the two column format (right here).
Or you can use \begin{figure*} \begin{table*}.  These commands will span your float 
body across the page, usually at the top --- best for large images and tables.

Finally, the bibliography uses the default LaTeX thebibliography feature.  If you want to 
use BibTeX or have more than 99 sources, you will need to edit the package.

To learn LaTeX, start with "The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX" by Tobias Oetiker.  It 
is available online at CTAN:/tex-archive/info/lshort .  Or you can search Google for any results.

If you have any more questions --- about the package, not about LaTeX --- write to me at 

scientificpaper – Format a scientific paper for journal publication

Version 2004-03-26
MaintainerRyan Aycock
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