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The sillypage package

This is a very simple package that provides John Cleese's iconic silly walk routine as page numbering style.


Simply add \usepackage{sillypage} to your document. Then:

  • Write \pagenumbering{silly} in your document to use the page numbering style defined by this package.
  • Use the macro \silly on a counter to typeset the corresponding image for the value of that counter.
  • Use the macro \sillystep to print the step number n from the sequence of steps.
  • Write \pagenumbering{sillynumeral} in your document to use a silly numeral system.
  • Use the macro \sillynumeral to get the silly numeral system representation from the provided n value.

A sample document

Here we go:




Installation notes

Just note that sillywalk-map.pdf should go under the tex/ subtree (as it is required by sillypage.sty) instead of the doc/ counterpart.

Isn't this package too silly?



Blame these individuals:

  • Phelype Oleinik
  • Paulo Cereda
  • samcarter
  • Ulrike Fischer


The sillypage package may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the Project Public License, either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (313.3k).

sillypage – John Cleese’s Silly Walk as page numbering style

This simple package provides John Cleese’s iconic silly walk routine as a page numbering style. Other counters, as well as integers, can be typeset in this “silly” style, too.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/cereda/sillypage/issues
Version1.6 2023-03-04
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
CC BY-SA 4.0
Copyright2023 Phelype Oleinik, Paulo Cereda, samcarter, and Ulrike Fischer
MaintainerPaulo Roberto Massa Cereda
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MiKTeX as sillypage
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