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README file for the testhyphens package
Copyright 2014-2015 Claudio Beccari
LaTeX Project Public Licence LPPL v.1.3 (or later)

The testhyphens package contains a few macros for printing out a word list with one word per line completely hyphenated as any LaTeX based TeX typesetting engine can do.

Very useful for testing pattern sets with real texts.


Download testyhphens.dtx, manifest.txt and this file README in a directory in a branch of the TDS  such as .../doc/latex/testhyphens/ if the folder does not exist, create it.
The same named folder must be created in the TDS branch .../tex/latex/testhyphens/

Be sure to have available all TeX system facilities for typesetting also in Greek. If you do not have them, upgrade your distribution.

Run pdflatex on testhyphen.dtx; you get both testhyphens.sty and the documentation file testhyphens.pdf, plus some other service files that you can delete right away.

Move testhyphens.sty to .../tex/latex/testhyphens/

If necessary, rebuild the file name data bases with the facilities of your distribution.

Before using, read carefully the documentation file testhyphens.pdf, because the package has some features that must be well known in detail. According to these features, this package was tested with pdflatex, xelatex, and lualatex; due to the specialised use of this package functionalities, it is sufficient to use it with pdflatex, but in certain cases it may be necessary to use it with the other programs.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (381.3k).

testhyphens – Testing hyphenation patterns

The package may be used for testing hyphenation patterns or for controlling that specific words are hyphenated as expected. This package implements some old TUGboat code to adapt it to with some enhancements.

It differs form \showhyphens, because it typesets its output on the document’s output file. It also works with xelatex, where \showhyphens requires a workaround.

Version0.7 2015-11-23
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2014 Claudio Beccari
MaintainerClaudio Beccari
Contained inTeX Live as testhyphens
MiKTeX as testhyphens
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