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Directory macros/latex/contrib/unswthesis

This directory contains the UNSW Thesis class.  The following files are

unswthesis.cls          - The actual thesis class.  Some comments on its use
                          appear in the file itself.
fancyheadings.sty	- Required package by "unswthesis.cls".

testunsw.tex            - Test out some of the UNSW Thesis class.  Requires
                          the above two files.
thesis.tex              - A severly trimmed-down version of my thesis, to
                          show how *I* used the class.  Learning is often
                          best done by example...
mythesis.sty            - Required by "thesis.tex".  Shows how some useful
                          things may be defined in LaTeX-2e.
fancybox.sty            - Required by "thesis.tex" for fancy boxes.

Note that these files are supplied AS IS, without any guarantee as to their
suitability or even complience with university regulations.  Also, I cannot
guarantee that I will support these files, nor provide any help for you to
use them.

I am interested in receiving feedback about these files; please contact me on
John Zaitseff <J.Zaitseff@unsw.edu.au>.

For anyone thinking of using LaTeX-2e seriously for their thesis, etc, I
highly recommend the two books "LaTeX: A document preparation system",
by Leslie Lamport, original author of LaTeX (2nd ed, published by
Addison Wesley), and "The LaTeX Companion", by Goossens, Mittelbach
and Samarin, (Addison Wesley).

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (11.2k).

unswthesis – UNSW theses

The directory contains a bundle of things related to UNSW Theses; the author's own thesis was prepared using the class.

MaintainerJohn Zaitseff
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