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Univer­sity of Texas at Austin grad­u­ate the­sis style

The Dig­i­tal Sub­mis­sion Re­quire­ment page de­scribes the re­quire­ments for Masters and Ph.D. the­sis sub­mis­sions. Most utexas.edu URLs are frag­ile; if that link is dead, try search­ing for utexas grad­u­ate the­sis style.


  1. Down­load the utexasthesis.cls (right click and "Save As...") file into your work­ing di­rec­tory
  2. Re­place your ini­tial \documentclass{...} call with \documentclass{utexasthesis}
  3. Fill in the re­quired per­sonal in­for­ma­tion by call­ing the fol­low­ing com­mands in your pream­ble (i.e., some­where be­fore \begin{document}):
    • \title{The Title of Your Dissertation or Treatise}
    • \author{Full Official Name}
      • This should match the "Name of Doc­toral Can­di­date" field on your of­fi­cial "Re­quest For Fi­nal Oral Ex­am­i­na­tion" form.
    • \graduationdate{May}{2017}
    • \supervisor{Supervisor Name}
    • \cosupervisor{Cosupervisor Name}
      • % \cosupervisor{} is op­tional, un­less you use the masters op­tion (de­scribed be­low), in which case it's re­quired and \othercommitteemembers{} is ig­nored.
    • \othercommitteemembers{Member's Name, Member's Name, Member's Name}
  4. Sup­ply \maketitle and the other com­mands and en­vi­ron­ments in the proper or­der.
  5. Use \maketableofcontents in­stead of \tableofcontents
  6. Use \makebibliography{yourbib} in­stead of \bibliography{yourbib} (and be sure to spec­ify a style with \bibliographystyle{...}).

Al­ter­na­tively, you can use the basic.tex (right click and "Save As...") ex­am­ple as a start­ing point, re­plac­ing the place­holder text with your own in­for­ma­tion. View the pdflatex ren­der of basic.tex on GitHub at basic.pdf, or down­load.


The for­mat­ting guide doesn't spec­ify a re­quired font face. The utexasthesis class doesn't set one, which leaves "Com­puter Modern Ro­man" as the de­fault font fam­ily.

You can use any font sup­ported by your dis­tri­bu­tion; e.g., to use the Palatino font, as in the for­mat­ting guide­line's ex­am­ples:


Or to use Times, along with a tele­type font (which is used in URLs) that's more com­pact than Courier:



The utexasthesis class can be cus­tomized with sev­eral op­tional ar­gu­ments, which are sup­plied in the \documentclass{} call, e.g., \documentclass[masters]{utexasthesis}.

  • masters: switch for­mat to Masters the­sis, which has the fol­low­ing ef­fects:
    • The doc­u­ment type is set to "Th­e­sis" in­stead of "Dis­ser­ta­tion".
    • The de­gree is set to "Master of Arts" (M.A.) in­stead of "Doc­tor of Phi­los­o­phy" (Ph.D.).
    • The sig­na­tures page is styled dif­fer­ently.
  • copyright: adds a copy­right page at the be­gin­ning of your the­sis.
  • Line spac­ing (de­faults to onehalfspacing if omit­ted):
    • singlespacing: Use sin­gle-spac­ing through­out the doc­u­ment, which is pro­hib­ited by the for­mat­ting guide­lines.
    • onehalfspacing: Use 1.5-spac­ing through­out the doc­u­ment.
    • doublespacing: Use dou­ble-spac­ing through­out the doc­u­ment.
  • Font sizes (de­faults to 12pt if omit­ted):
    • 10pt: Use 10 point font, which is not rec­om­mended by the for­mat­ting guide­lines.
    • 11pt: Use 11 point font, which is not rec­om­mended by the for­mat­ting guide­lines.
    • 12pt: Use 12 point font.
  • draft: ren­ders a com­pact ver­sion of your the­sis. The lay­out does not com­ply with the grad­u­ate school re­quire­ments, but may be use­ful to print out drafts for re­view.
    • This op­tion ap­plies the usual draft class op­tions to the un­der­ly­ing report class.
    • The copy­right page is omit­ted even if the copyright op­tion is used.
    • The sig­na­tures page is omit­ted.
    • The main ti­tle page is omit­ted.
    • Chap­ters do not trig­ger a page break.

All of these can be used in com­bi­na­tion, sep­a­rated by com­mas. The few op­tions that have over­lap­ping ef­fects will give pri­or­ity to the last-listed ar­gu­ment(s) in the list­ings above. E.g., \documentclass[masters,12pt,draft,11pt]{utexasthesis} will ren­der the Masters the­sis for­mat in 12 point font, even though 11pt comes af­ter 12pt in the list of op­tions.


The fol­low­ing pack­ages are im­ported by utexasthesis:

  • geometry (to set pa­per size, lay­out di­men­sions, and mar­gins)
  • fontenc
  • setspace (con­fig­urable via singlespacing / onehalfspacing / doublespacing op­tion)
  • indentfirst (to in­dent ev­ery para­graph, even at the be­gin­ning of chap­ters and sec­tions)
  • natbib
  • tocloft
  • tocbibind
  • url
  • hyperref
  • doi (to hy­per­link DOIs in bib­li­og­ra­phy)


  • Q: How do I num­ber sub­sub­sec­tions? E.g., Chap.Sec.Subsec.Subsubsec

A: Set the secnumdepth and tocdepth coun­ters:

  % number subsubsections
  \setcounter{secnumdepth}{3} % default: 2 (which only numbers up to subsections)
  % include subsubsections in table of contents
  \setcounter{tocdepth}{3} % default: 2

See How to show sub­sec­tions and sub­sub­sec­tions in TOC? for de­tails.


The utexasthesis doc­u­ment class and re­lated ma­te­ri­als are CC0-li­censed. This is sim­i­lar to the Un­li­cense and WTFPL. This means I (Christo­pher Brown), have waived all copy­right rights to this work, to the ex­tent al­lowed by law.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (6.1k).

utex­as­the­sis – Univer­sity of Texas at Austin grad­u­ate the­sis style

This class file com­plies with the Dig­i­tal Sub­mis­sion Re­quire­ment for Masters and Ph.D. the­sis sub­mis­sions of the Univer­sity of Texas at Austin.

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