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This is the second shot at fontinst and LaTeX2e support for 
Joerg Knappen's new Text Companion font encoding, pioneered 
in DC fonts 1.2. Joerg has looked at the first attempt and made
a number of suggestions and changes, all used.

There are probably quite a few glyphs which could or should
be defined as fakes in textcomp.mtx, if someone has the energy
to work it all out. I have the energy but no time.

This package contains
 1) an mtx file (textcomp.mtx) which contains the list of glyphs
 2) TS1i.etx and TS1.etx encoding files
 3) a set of support macros (textcomp.tex) (which could later be
    merged into fontinst.sty once Alan has looked at them)
 4) a textcomp.dtx/.ins file which expands to textcomp.sty and test.tex,
   giving LaTeX users access to the new glyphs, and overriding the default
   settings as appropriate (ie if you ask for a symbol it'll come out
   by default from TS1, unless you are in an encoding where it
   is declared already). this has the `right' effect, ie bullets no longer
   come from maths fonts

The script "makets1.tex" builds the new fonts for Adobe Times,
Monotype Times, and Monotype Baskerville
(with expert sets). The TS1 encoding is named 8c in Karl
Berry's scheme, or 9c if it includes expert set glyphs.

Sebastian Rahtz
November 8th 1995

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (15.8k).

textcomp – support for the Text Companion fonts

The package supports the Text Companion fonts, which provide many text symbols (such as baht, bullet, copyright, musicalnote, onequarter, section, and yen), in the TS1 encoding.

Note that the package has been adopted as part of the distribution; the reference here is to the original package, which is now little used (if at all).

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerSebastian Rahtz (deceased)
TopicsText symbol
Font encoding
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