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Directory obsolete/macros/ec-plain

This is the complete set of files to generate a EC font oriented PLAIN.FMT

The main file for plain format is EC-PLAIN.
The main file for pdf plain format is EC-PDFPLAIN.

The EC-PLFMT.BAT is MSDOS file (for 386 and emTeX) which I
used to generate the EC-PLAIN format under emTeX.

For the TeXLive distribution, the building commands are:

 -- initex ec-plain
 -- pdfinitex ec-pdfplain

The code page converter I use (to avoid active characters >127)
is 850DCTEX.TCP (to be transferred in BINARY). Its source
to be compiled with maketcp is 850DCTEX.MTC (to be transferred
in ASCII). Use maketcp version 1.1c or later with option -c
to generate 850DCTEX.TCP

With the TeXLive distribution, one should only change he [pdf]texing
commands by adding the option "translate-file":

tex.exe -translate-file=cp850-fr.tcx &ec-plain \input %1 %2 %3 %4
pdftex.exe -translate-file=cp850-fr.tcx &ec-pdfplain \input %1 %2 %3 %4

File names in this directory have been changed from the original (e.g.
dcacceur.tex --> hyacceur.tex) in order to have no missing file when
generating format. Thus you should put these files in a directory distinct
from your usual TEXINPUT, unless you look at EC-PLFMT.BAT to rename them

ec-plain.tex differs from plain.tex for:
 - font names (e.g. cmr10 -> ecrm1000)
 - cmmi* -> exmi* with 128 additional chars to have upright greek capitals
 - several mathchardefs
 - inclusion of hyacceur.tex+acmacros.sty+hyconfig.ptx instead of hyphen.tex
 - \magstep up to 9



Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (355.8k).

ec-plain – Use EC fonts in Plain

A plain-like format using the EC fonts including an extended math italic font (exmi) providing upright greek letters.

Version 1998-04-15
MaintainerDaniel Taupin (deceased)
TopicsFont support
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