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                BM2LTX  -  (c) 1995 claas bontus

                email: bontus@al6000.physik.uni-siegen.de

  BM2LTX is on the public domain. I used some functions of
  Ian Ashdown's PCX library. See file PCX_LIB.DOC for further
  You are free to
  *  distibute BM2LTX
  *  modify the source code, as long as you document all changes
  *  transform BM2LTX to other operating systems.

  bm2ltx.exe    -  the executable for DOS and OS/2
  readme        -  this file
  pcx_fmt.doc   -  explanation of the PCX format by Ian Ashdown
  pcx_lib.doc   -  explanation of Ian Ashdown's PCX library
  b2l_src.zip   -  ZIP-file containing the source code of BM2LTX

  BM2LTX converts PCX graphics files to a LaTeX readable format.
  If you want to convert the file TEST.PCX to TEST.PIC just type


  You can include TEST.PIC in your LaTeX documents using the
  following commands:

      \caption{Hello world!}

  The picture will be stored in the DVI file, so that it can be
  processed independently of drivers or platforms.

  OS/2: You need to copy EMX.DLL to a directory listed in your
        LIBPATH environment variable. If you have already EMX.DLL
        replace it only if the one you got now is newer.

  DOS:  BM2LTX is bound with emx.exe. Therefore it should be able
        to work with DOS as is. Problems can occur if the processor
        is already in protected mode.

  Files created with BM2LTX can be used with LaTeX on different
  platforms, no matter which graphics formats are supported by
  your drivers.

  Files created with BM2LTX can become very large in size. A picture
  consisting of 100x100 pixels can yield to a file with up to 5000
  lines of code. TeX can slow down processing these files or it
  can even run out of memory.

Things someone might do
  *  Add options to resize the pictures
  *  Find an algorithm which yields to smaller files
  *  Add color
  *  Add the possibiliy to process graphics formats other than PCX

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (119.6k).

bm2ltx – Convert a bitmap image to code

Bm2ltx converts PCX graphics files to a readable format. The output may simply be included into your document with an \input command: it needs no support from your graphics driver. Bm2ltx was designed for DOS or OS/2, but source is available.

The real problem with bm2ltx’s approach is that its output can be ridiculously large.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerClaas Bontus
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