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This is the README for csvtolatex Version 1.3 for everything that referes to this program send an e-mail to csvtolatex@t-online.de.

Every one who uses this program agrees with the License you find in License.txt.

csvtolatex converts csv-tables created by program like MS Excel or Libre Office Calc to LaTeX code.

This program is simple but stable. It is a fast way to link spreadsheet-program with LaTeX.

See the documentation for further information.

I am supporting this program, but since I want to create a program to do this job much better I am searching for someone who wants to keep this program going. If there are Bugs send an e-mail to csvtolatex@t-online.de.


Version 1.3:	2013-04-22
	- now the replacement of comma to point and point to comma is implemented
	Bugfix: If there was /blank in the first column of the input, it was still in the outputfile

Version 1.2b:	2013-04-18
	- gives the option >nolines< to have no lines between the rows and columns

Version 1.2:	2012-11-22
	- writes the number of columns in outputfile 
	- gives a suggestion for the columns of the table

Version 1.1b:	2012-08-30
	- no more features but now the uninstaller removes all registry keys

Version 1.1:	2012-07-05
	- now there is a program you can use (the installer) with configuration-files (text-files with the extension .ctl)
	- I have added '/.,' to set a semicolon (';')
	- improved mutlifileoutput, now the outputfilenames are defined in the csv-file
	- last version of the script

Version 1.0:	2012-06-21
	- no need for catcode! direct input to a LaTeX-file using '\input' in a 'longtable'-enviroment
	- switching between math- and textmode
	- with '/endhead' you can define the head of a table
	- multicolumn support
	- multirow support
	- cline support
	- '/blank' for blank cells

Version 0.3:	first public release	2012-06-09
I have recreated this scipt and made some things much simpler
	- easier defining of input and outputfiles
	- special replacements removed
	- improved multifileoutput
	- support for tables with a different number of columns

Version 0.2:	improved for personal usage
	- added special replacements
	- support of multifileoutput

Version 0.1:	first personal usage
I have found a really simple Version of this scipt after some research. Unfortunatly I have not found the source again, so thanks to the one who showed me this way.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (613.2k).

csvtolatex – Link spread sheets to

The (Visual Basic) script converts csv-tables created by programs such as MS Excel or Libre Office Calc to code for inclusion in a document.

LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3
MaintainerHannes Pietsch
TopicsCSV support
Data import
See alsocsv2latex
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