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                     I m a k e - T e X   1 . 0 0

                     Copyright 1993 Rainer Klute

This is Imake-TeX, an Imake support for creating documents with the TeX
typesetting system and the LaTeX macro package. It helps you in using TeX (not
in installing) it.

With Imake-TeX, you will never again have to fiddle around with calling latex
and its various utility programs (makeindex, bibtex). Simply type "make" and
your document's DVI file will be up-to-date. All you have to do is to write a
simple Imakefile and let Imake generate a suitable Makefile for you. Here is
such an Imakefile:

	#include "TeX.tmpl"

The generated Makefile provides the following commands:

    make depend:    Searching the TeX source files for dependencies like

    make dvi:       Generate an up-to-date DVI file

    make viewdvi:   Display it on your screen

    make ps:        Generate a PostScript version of your document

    make viewps:    Display it

    make clean:     Remove unnecessary things

    make veryclean: Remove even the DVI file

    make Makefiles: Generate Makefiles in subdirectories


Imake-TeX basically consists of a shell script "texmkmf" (TeX make makefile)
and a template file "TeX.tmpl". Their installation is (of course) performed
with the help of Imake. You should proceed as follows:

1. Edit the configuration file Imake-TeX.cf as needed.

2. Create an initial Makefile. You have to do this in two steps:

   2.1 Type the command "xmkmf". It will issue an error message ("Can't find
       include file TeX.tmpl"), but it will also display the imake command it
       tried to execute. This will be useful in the following step.

   2.2 Type the imake command as shown the xmkmf output, but add the option
       -DInstallImakeTex before you execute it. For example, on my machine I
       run the command

           imake -DUseInstalled \
                 -I/usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/config -DInstallImakeTex

3. The command "make install" will make and install the texmkmf and TeX.tmpl at
   their appropriate places. Beware: An error message like

	/bin/sh /usr/bin/X11/mkdirhier.sh /destdir/lib/config 
	/usr/bin/X11/mkdirhier.sh: /usr/bin/X11/mkdirhier.sh: 
	No such file or directory

   indicates that the installation directory (here: /destdir/lib/config) does
   not yet exist and Imake fails to create it because the script mkdirhier.sh
   is missing. The solution is to create the installation directory manually
   and then to rerun "make install".

4. The command "texmkmf -a" replaces the initial Makefile with a full-blown
   one. You will need it to create the Imake-TeX documentation. Don't be
   alarmed when you get some warnings:
       Warning: chapter1.tex not found
       Warning: chapter2.tex not found
       Warning: chapter3.tex not found
       Warning: \([^ not found
       Warning: \([^.tex not found
   These messages are normal. If you wonder about them, look into the
   documentation where the reason is explained.

5. Enter one of "make dvi", "make ps", "make viewdvi", or "make viewps". They
   create the Imake-TeX documentation in DVI resp. PortScript format. The
   "view..." targets display it on your X11 screen.

6. Have fun.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (39.6k).

Imake- – An Imake system for

Imake- basically consists of a shell script texmkmf ( make makefile) and a template file .tmpl. Their installation is (of course) performed with the help of Imake.

The generated Makefile has targets for creating dependency information, and for generating DVI and PostScript output.

MaintainerRainer Klute
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