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Introduction to version 3.81 of WP2LaTeX.

This program converts WordPerfect 1.x, MAC 2,3,4.x, PC 4.x, 5.x, 6(7,8,9).x, 
T602 and AbiWord document files to LaTeX input files. Please read
the manual for 
the basic conditions under which a satisfying conversion is 
made. Currently,
there are MS-DOS, Linux and Windows versions of the program
  The C++ sources are included in this package.
 Obsolette Pascal sources 
are placed inside separate package.

Please read doc/wp2latex.tex for more information.

New to this version are:
 + Conversion from MAC WP 1.x, 2.x, 3.x
 + Improved file format autodetection
 + Support for new formula format MTEF
The things have to be done:
 - Decrease amount of TeX Errors in converted documents
 - Make tests of quality of the conversion
 - Add new foreigner characters
 - Add new features
 - Improve support for WPG l.2
   and hybrid images (Raster+Line draw+Postscript)


The home base for this package is


**********DOS/WINDOWS and GCC********
There is makefile prepared for GCC. It will work under both Linux
 and DJGPP.

    A, if you have bash run it and type
    B, or if you do not have bash type (it will return generic makefiles)
make distclean

    type for 
building whole project:
make all		

    Automatic installation is not fully finished, but you might try:
make install    

**********DOS/WINDOWS and Borland C********
Because there is freely available Borland C++ compiler, I also provide script
for building wp2latex by BCC. (You could undo .configure script resulte by
typing 'make distclean')
	change to directory win
cd win
	execute bcc55.bat

**********DOS/WINDOWS and Microsoft Visual C++ 6********

(You could undo .configure script resulte by
typing 'make distclean') Open MSVC/wp2latex.dsw inside your Visual
C++ environment. Rebuild the target. The result of your build you
will find in the  MSVC/release/wp2latex.exe

**********WINDOWS and MikTex********

mkdir "C:\Program Files\MiKTeX-2.8\tex\latex\wp2latex\"

copy all files from wp2latex.353\styles.tex\ to
      "C:\Program Files\MiKTeX-2.8\tex\latex\wp2latex\"

   initexmf -u 
   click to "MikRex Options/General/Refresh FNDB"

********Linux build and instalation*********
	Under Linux you may type:
make all
make install

For finishing instalation you should also store files wp2latex.sty,
endnotes.sty, wncyr.sty, cyracc.def etc. to proper directory.
These files are stored in the directory 'styles.tex'. The TeX translator
should know about these files. It is solved by using a TEXINPUTS system

Suggestion from Roger for kpathsea LaTeX distribution:
After 'make install' it is necessary to do this (as root):
(1) in the tex tree, within the latex subdirectory, create a subdirectory
    called wp2latex. For example in my (web2c) installation I have
(2) Into this subdirectory copy the contents of the styles.tex
(3) Invoke texhash.

******Generic Unix manual instalation*******

Please ensure that your wp2latex is correctly build.

When you succeed, you have half of a job done. If this fail, you could try:

  make generic

In some cases you will need to manually fiddle with compile options.

I will assume that you have compiled wp2latex at this point.
The "wp2latex" executable is produced. A name of executable for cygwin
is "wp2latex.exe".
copy  YOUR_EXECUTABLE   to     /usr/local/bin/
mkdir /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/wp2latex
copy  styles.tex/*.*    to     /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/wp2latex/
copy  doc/wp2latex.1    to     /usr/local/man/man1/
copy  doc/locale/*.*    to     /usr/share/locale/
run   texthash  (for kpathsea TeX distribution)

***********DOS installation***********
       Currently you might also try to run
make install
     Cross your fingers - it might perhaps work.

Place a file wp2latex.exe (from directory dos\ or dos\real) to the directory
which is referred by the PATH variable. 

Place all stuff from the directory 'styles.tex\' to the
directory   emtex\texinput\ .

Optionally you can copy a file doc\locale\lc_messages\cs\wp2latex.mo

For Borland C++ you should make another makefile. All code was tested
and you cannot expect any problems. Do not omit to add files
from directory .\atoms\ to your makefile. 

The command line looks like :

    WP2LaTeX [arguments] <wpfilename> [<latexfilename>]

When not supplied [<latexfilename>]
, the LaTeX filename is composed
by changing or
 adding `.tex' to the base name of WP-file. There are
also a lot of
 other arguments, which are described in the included
documentation or are available by executing 'wp2latex -?'.

I want to thank all previous authors of this package to bring some
ideas. I try to gather them into my package. I thank to everybody
who found a bug or sended me some notes about incorrect function of 

This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
of the GNU General Public License version 2 available from
http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html. If anybody makes any change to this
package, I am asking him to explicitelly write that his package
differs from original package.
	Current copyright could be obtained by typing wp2latex -copyright.
	WP2LaTeX contains several libraries, that have different 
licencing models.
	It is also possible to buy commercional version that 
is GPL free.

Neither the author nor the Eindhoven University of Technology takes any
responsibility for any damage or loss of data regarding to the use of
the program. Usage of the program is for your own responsibility.


Note:Before reporting anything 1,consult a file doc\bug.txt
			       2,Test latest version from:

a,If you find a bug, which cause a data loss or program crash please send
me a description, how to repeat this bug. Cut your WP file to shortest
possible, which still cause this bug. Then send me this file.

b,If you find a bug which causes TeX errors, send me a detailed description
what was happen and idea how the convertor should work in this case.
I know about many situation, when TeX reports errors and I don't know
how to cope with them.

c,If you cannot compile wp2latex please send me output of your make file.
make >out.txt
    Be prepared that I will ask you for some analysis of the problem because
on my computer it works fine. Please do not suspect me, that I missed some
typo in the source code. Before every distribution I recompile wp2latex
under several different compilers. I also welcome any suggestions obtained from
porting wp2latex to another platforms.

Because nobody of previous authors want to hear about this program,
contact me: JaFojtik@seznam.cz

Yours Sincerely,
       Jaroslav Fojtik

WP2 – Convert WordPerfect documents to

This is a long established, supported, converter. A patch is available to use its code as an HTML to convertor (see documentation link, below; this code is unrelated to the purpose-built HTML2, also on CTAN).

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