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the files in this directory are the 'final' PasTeX 1.3 distribution.
Please distribute the disks only *unchanged* !

PasTeX 1.3 is copyright (c) 1990/1991 Georg Hessmann.
	Don't spread it for commercial purpose.

Metafont is ported by Stefan Becker. (It's also available from
	the Fish disks)

Fig (a graphicprogram) is ported by Frank Wuebbeling and
	improved by Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel.

If you have serious problems,
my e-mail address is: hessmann@informatik.uni-hamburg.de

!! The disks are packed with zoom 5.4. You can find a copy of zoom !!
!! in the directory /pub/aminet/util/arc file zoom54.lzh.          !!



PasTeX1.3_fix1.lzh is the first bugfix of PasTeX 1.3.
The files "InstallFloppy" and "InstallFloppy.engl" on disk 1
have a small bug. In the file "PasTeX1.3_fix1.lzh" are the
corrected install scripts. The archive "PasTeX1.3_disk1.zom"
is also corrected.

(new)  PasTeX1.3_disk1.zom   456046 Bytes
(old)  PasTeX1.3_disk1.zom   457270 Bytes

Only the file "PasTeX1.3_disk1.zom" is affected from the fix.



Now I've added the archives of the 8 previewer font disks.
File PreviewFonts_disk[1-8].zom.

Sorry, but all text's on these disks are on german.


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