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I'm pleased to announce the release of ant version 0.8. The archive can
be found at


ant is a typesetting system inspired by TeX. It does not aim at complete
compatibility with TeX but focuses instead on a flexible, clean, and
modular design. ant is public domain.

New in this release are:

  o support for margin kerning
  o many improvements of the built in scripting language
  o various bug fixes and minor improvements

ant – A type­set­ting sys­tem in­spired by

Ant is a type­set­ting sys­tem in­spired by . It does not aim at per­fect em­u­la­tion but fo­cusses in­stead on a new flex­i­ble, clean, and mod­u­lar de­sign.

Although the sys­tem has a markup lan­guage es­sen­tially the same as 's, the ‘de­sign’ lan­guage is an es­tab­lished pro­gram­ming lan­guage, so that doc­u­ment de­sign no longer re­lies on the skills of rare macro pro­gram­ming ex­perts.

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