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This topic con­tains pack­ages with (or -alike) type­set­ting en­gine.

Ex­tended .
A type­set­ting sys­tem in­spired by .
for Atari ma­chines.
A ex­ten­sion that trans­lates in­put on its way into .
An ex­tended ver­sion of , from the NTS project.
A Java im­ple­men­ta­tion of .
The cur­rent state of Knuth's con­tri­bu­tions.
A PostScript trans­la­tor for a sub­set of .
An al­ter­na­tive type­set­ting sys­tem.
The Lua en­gine.
The ML sys­tem.
New Type­set­ting Sys­tem.
A wide-char­ac­ter-set ex­ten­sion of .
A ver­sion of for which Ori­en­tal lan­guages are na­tive.
A lo­cal­ized Per­sian and bidi­rec­tional ex­ten­sion of .
A ex­ten­sion for di­rect cre­ation of PDF.
pdf de­signed to run with Oz.
A sys­tem for pub­lish­ing in Ja­panese.
A so­phis­ti­cated type­set­ting en­gine.
Pro­pos­als for ex­ten­sions to .
A col­lec­tion of change files for a sys­tem based on Free Pas­cal.
A col­lec­tion of change files for a sys­tem based on GNU Pas­cal.
Bidi­rec­tional ex­ten­sion of .
Make a new ex­e­cutable with for­mat loaded.
Uni­code ver­sion of p.
sys­tem and PDF sup­port for Linux and OS/2.
An ex­tended vari­ant of for use with Uni­code sources.
A bi-di­rec­tional ver­sion of .
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