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Counter man­age­ment

This topic con­tains pack­ages for man­age­ment of coun­ters.

Alias coun­ters
As­so­ciate coun­ters, mak­ing them step when a mas­ter steps
Change the re­set­ting of coun­ters
Store counter val­ues per chap­ter
Sup­port dy­namic coun­ters
Make a counter re­set at ev­ery page bound­ary
Re­move from counter-re­set lists
Re­move coun­ters from re­set list
Ex­tend 's \ref ca­pa­bil­ity
Sub-num­ber coun­ters
Find the last value of a counter
As­so­ci­ated coun­ters step­ping si­mul­ta­ne­ously
Track the num­ber of sub­sec­tions etc. that oc­cur in a spec­i­fied track­level
Start list (etc.) num­ber­ing at zero
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